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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

It's the all time greatest super-villain of all time, time.

New Gods #1, Darkseid holds the world in his hand, Jack Kirby
Fantastic Four #16, Dr Doom holds the FF in his hand as Ant-Man races to the rescue, Jack Kirby
They say the English Premier League is a marathon, not a sprint but even the doings of Manchester City vs Manchester United pale into insignificance beside Steve Does Comics' quest to find the greatest super-villain of them all.

In a series of polls that stretched the internet to its very limits, many were called but few were chosen.

In fact, two were chosen.

Incredibly, neither of them were Crazy Quilt or the Masked Marauder. Instead, Marvel's victor was Victor - otherwise known as Von Doom. DC's winner was Darkseid - otherwise known as Darkseid.

That means it's time for us to pitch them head-to-head and vote for the all-time greatest super-villain of them all. Both are evil. Neither of them would've existed if not for Jack Kirby but, of the two nefarious nogoodniks, which is best?

Remember, only you can decide.


b said...

Doc Doom. DD works. A tyrant with diplomatic immunity, scientific genius, dabbler in the black arts - he can take on anyone. That's why I didn't vote for the Joker in the DC poll. You just can't have the Joker fight, say, the Flash.

But be it a superteam, the Silver Surfer, webhead or the Hulk, Doctor Doom works as an opponent. And that's what you REALLY want from an ultimate baddie!

Kid said...

The ultimate victor of your poll is bound to be Victor. The clue is in the name.

Steve W. said...

He's winning 6-0 at the moment. It's threatening to be a trouncing.

Tony said...

I agree with Dr. Doom, although I think the winner for the purest Evil would be the Joker.

Whalehead King said...

Doctor Doom.

joe bloke said...

Doom. the Joker would've been my choice for DC. but, even in that face-off, Doom wins.

dbutler16 said...

I voted for Doom. I like Darkseid a lot, better than Luthor and perhaps better than the Joker as well, but I'm very surprised that he made the final. He hasn't consistently been a high profile villain for decades like some others. He's faded in an out of the pantheon of evil. Also, while I think he makes a great bad guy, his character doesn't have the depth of Doom and some others.

Oh, and in terms of evil, I think Darkseid is more evil than Doom, Luthor, Joker (more crazy than evil) and Magneto. Most of those others (except the Joker) at least view themselves as doing good, but Darkseid knows what he's doing is evil. He thrives on the suffering of others.

Mike said...

Wait a minute. What about Galactus? I know he only goes against the FF, but still. He sucks the life out of whole worlds. But he does that to survive. He talks in that regal manner as Subby and Thor do. Note how gigantic he is drawn. I guess that is to signify his immense power. Using that logic, Superman would be even taller.

Steve W. said...

Sadly, Galactus was eliminated in the earlier rounds. An indignity for which he'll no doubt eat me.

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