Monday, 19 July 2010

The Flash #195. Mangled memories and anomalous dogs.

The Flash #195, Neal Adams cover
In 1983 a grave announcement was made that rocked the entire world.

The Blue Peter garden had been vandalised by Gene Hunt.

Now, in an announcement of similar magnitude, I'm pleased to reveal that, thanks to the issue notes on the Grand Comics Database, I've managed to identify the issue of The Flash I was looking for in my last post.

It seems it was The Flash #195, from March 1970. Apparently it mentions Jerry Lewis - not Jerry Lee Lewis - and has a cameo appearance by Jack Kirby's former assistant and biographer Mark Evanier.

I am, however intrigued by the cover which has a very odd thing going on with the dog. The end of its chain seems to be attached to thin air. Had Neal Adams gone mad? Is it a plot point? It seems that only time - and me buying the thing - will tell.

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