Friday, 1 April 2011

Well, kids, I think we all learned something today. The times of March.

Stan Lee, 1973
Stan Lee contemplates the lessons to be
learned from the last month on Steve Does 

Photo courtesy of Alan Light.
Well it's April 2011.

That means a look back at the month of March and how it affected the blog the world knows only as Steve Does Comics.

It was a month in which your host learned five things.

1. A single photo of an attractive woman in a leather bikini'll get you more page views than any carefully composed post about comic books. The Steve Who Does Comics: A Man of Letters post was by far my most visited of the month and has already broken into the site's all-time top four. What is this Insanity? People'd rather look at half-naked women than comics? Has the world gone mad? If Stan Lee were dead, he'd be spinning in his spinner rack. Or possibly just pulling the face opposite.

2. Quoting lyrics from a notoriously bad pop song that's the hot current meme'll get you more visitors than any carefully composed post about comic books - but not as many as a photo of a woman in a leather bikini. So, thanks to the sterling efforts of the mighty Rebecca Black and her legendary sidekick Benni Cinkle for leading visitors to the not at all opportunistically titled Kicking in the front seat. Kicking in the back seat. Got to make my mind up. Which book can I choose? And what a coincidence that I'm writing this on a Friday, Friday.

3. If you wanna attract people to your blog, don't actually post on it. For some reason, visitor numbers seem to rise when I go a few days without posting. With posts of this quality, who can understand it?

4. I don't have a clue what those weird pop-up things're about that keep appearing when I hover my cursor over certain bits of my dashboard lately. They're trying to tell me something about sidebars or indexes or images or something but I'm banjaxed if I know what.

5. Thanks to the site's latest gadget I have an email subscriber. I don't know who he/she is but God bless you. And for once with these things, it isn't me.

This concludes the Steve Does Comics report for March. If you're a blogger, I hope the devastating Search Engine Optimization and blogging secrets revealed herein'll help you too to achieve the universe smashing success that I have.

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