Thursday, 21 July 2011

DC 100 pagers.

Batman #255, 100 pages, Neal Adams, werewolf
Batman #254, 100 pages, Man-Bat
Batman #253, 100 pages, Catwoman
Superman Family #164, 100 pages
Detective Comics #440, 100 pages, Batman, Ghost Mountain Midnight
Detective Comics #438, 100 pages, Batman, A Monster Walks Wayne manor
Witching Hour #38, 100 pages
Justice League of America, 100 pages
Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes #208, 100 pages
Superboy, 100 page Super Spectacular
Superman #272, 100 pages
Flash, 100 pages Super Spectacular
Superman, 100 page Super Spectacular
If you've never had a Marvel Treasury Edition, you know not what it is to have your head explode with excitement. But, if there was anything in the 1970s that was almost as thrilling as buying a Marvel Treasury edition, it was getting your hands on a 100 page DC comic, with its mixture of tales old and new.

Why, with one of those things in your hands, you could become an instant expert, reading the latest happenings in the world of DC Comics while catching up on the history of your favourite - and not so favourite - heroes.

My in-depth research tells me I had thirteen in total - and those thirteen are pictured above and to the left of these very words.

Sadly, thanks to my disgraceful policy of never paying more than 99p for a comic, I fear I may never again lay my hands on most of them, which always insist on selling for more than that sum on eBay. Still, despite my Scroogeilicious tendencies, I do have the 100 page Witching Hour and the yellow-fronted 100 page DC Super Spectacular starring Superman. I also possess Superman Family #164.

From what I can remember of the others, the highlights included a Neal Adams Batman tale featuring the caped crusader versus a werewolf, and the Jim Aparo Batman of Detective Comics #438.

The Justice League 100 pager gave us the tale of the murder of Santa Claus. Although my memories of the other strips in that issue are somewhat slim, I seem to recall one of them featuring the Justice Society tackling a gang of juvenile delinquents, a task which logic would suggest they were more than a little over-powered for.

The Superboy one, I have fond memories of. I seem to recall it reprinted the origin of the Teen Titans. Did that issue also feature the story where Supergirl got her head chomped on by a lion while she was dressed like she was Sheena, queen of the jungle? For some reason that image has always stuck in my mind.

Superman #272 was an all-magic issue, which was fine by me though Superman at one point had Saturn Girl's pet, Proteus, stuck to his face, which can't have been a pleasant experience for him. The Flash hundred pager featured a group of sidekicks modelled on the Three Stooges - or perhaps they were the Three Stooges. My memories of it are as fuzzy as the end of Marilyn Monroe's lollipop.

But, all in all, it was the Batman/Detective Comics issues that made the most impact on me. Through them I got to see the work of Neal Adams, Jim Aparo and Dick Giordano, learned of Batman's origin and got my first sightings of Man-Bat and Manhunter. So, thirteen might be unlucky for some but for those of us who had them, it proved to be more than lucky. The moment you saw the number thirteen in this post, you knew I was going to end this post by saying that, didn't you? Mr Predictable? Me?


Anonymous said...

Ah nice to see the old DC 100 pagers again, I recall the excitement of buying these then taking them home and turning the pages to see what the reprints were, most were good but they had some turkeys (like a few that appeared in the Batman issue 225 behind a great Adams strip - I recently picked this up again for £1 in Glasgow (its pretty ripped but clean and complete). I've been searching for a reasonably priced Witching hour 38, 100 pager (last one I saw they wanted £22) for a while as Toth appears in it so that a good one to have - The Detective editions were exceptionally cool as you mention they had the really wonderful Walt Simonson Manhunter strips in them and some other cool stories -I have/got most of these but still searching for Batman 254 (and Witching Hour) for my wee collection - McScotty

Anonymous said...

You obviously had a completely different set of the 100 pagers to me. I agree they were really good although the paper quality was definitely starting to take a tumble by then.

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