Saturday, 4 August 2012

Forty years ago today - August 1972.

Summer bursts into a brand new month.

But we don't care about that.

It's 1972 and we're too busy looking to see which of our favourite Marvel heroes is doing the most to put the awe into August.

Fantastic Four #125

The Fantastic Four are still battling the Creature from the Black Lagoon.
Avengers 102

That bounder the Grim Reaper's busy putting temptation in the Vision's way.
Captain America 152

"You can't let him be killed by Hyde!"

What a fussy woman. Just who DOES she want him killed by?
Conan the Barbarian 17

Gil Kane gives us the clash of steel on steel.
Daredevil 90

Miracle of miracles, it's a Daredevil story I actually remember.

Mr Fear shows up and...


...admittedly, that's all I recall but at least I recall it.
Incredible Hulk 154

It's one of my favourite Hulk tales as our hero finds himself shrunk to the size of a doll and having to take on the hordes of Hydra.

Never fear. It's Ant-Man to the rescue!
Iron Man 49

Hooray! It's the Super-Adaptoid - and that kneeling woman who seemed to appear on every cover Gil Kane ever did.
Thor 202

Thor's Ego's getting out of hand.
X-Men 77

It's the Super-Adaptoid again - but there's no sign of that kneeling woman.
Amazing Spider-Man 111

Kraven makes a monkey out of the Gibbon.


Kid said...

I've only got one of these comics - I feel so inadequate. (Cruising a bit, aren't you, Stevie boy. Let's have something with a bit of meat on the bones.)

Boston Bill said...

A bad month for Title heroes falling while their partners do nothing (Cap and Falc; DD and BW)

Dougie said...

That's my first-ever Conan comic, bought off the bookstall at Glasgow Queen St. Station ( where I was today, coincidentally). My uncle bought me that issue of Spidey ( I thought the Gibbon was the Next Big Thing) and Astonishing Tales with Ka-zar and the Man-Thing.

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