Monday, 3 September 2012

Fifty years ago today - September 1962.

Hooray! It's September, the only month ever to have been named after the septic tank.

But just what were our favourite Marvel heroes up to in this month of 1962?

Were they victims of dirty deeds - or were they busy, instead, cleaning up society's mess?

Fantastic Four #6, Dr Doom and Namor Team up

It's a sign of Marvel's expansion that we can now have super-villain team-ups and four super-hero titles a month.

I confidently predict that, if Marvel plays its cards right, it could yet become a major force in comic book publishing.

Meanwhile, the Fantastic Four's two greatest foes unite to thwart, bemuse and banjax our heroes.

With such dastardliness, it can surely be only a matter of time before the Mole Man and Miracle Man too unite to defeat our heroes.
Incredible Hulk #3, the Hulk can fly

The Hulk gains the power to leap, and loses the power to think, as Lee and Kirby battle to create a successful strip from a comic about a man who wants to kill us all.
Journey into Mystery# 84, Thor, captured by the executioner

What a pair of defeatist sad sacks Thor and Don Blake reveal themselves to be as the thunder god's crime-fighting career looks to be over virtually before it's begun.

Still, at least it's a victory for communism and I think we could all do with a little communism right now.
Tales to Astonish #35, the return of Ant Man

Forget Thor; you'll never see such defeatism from Ant Man. He knows exactly what to do when confronted with a petty crook - hide behind a bunch of ants.


Boston Bill said...

Love these articles. Imagine being able to buy all of Marvel's output for less than a dollar. Imagine putting them in plastic baggies and selling them fifty years later!

I love any Mavels with Commies in them. They were usually terrible disappointments, but they were a great, corny hallmark of the era!

Kid said...

Never mind all that. Where's your thoughts on Saturday's Doctor Who episode?

Steve W. said...

I'm afraid the show doesn't currently interest me enough anymore for me to sit down and write full reviews for it.

Sadly, I was bored senseless by last Saturday's episode as it ground its way through Moffatt's usual checklist of things to write about. The Ponds were as uninvolving as ever, Dalek-girl was annoying, all the ideas in it were rehashed from other episodes.

The show just feels totally redundant to me at the moment and probably will until it gets a head writer in who has more than five ideas and has any kind of empathy with his characters.

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