Thursday, 1 November 2012

November 1962. Fifty years ago today.

Hooray! Like an apocryphal teenager revived from an apocryphal coma by the apocryphal sounds of Justin Bieber, Steve Does Comics returns from its sleep to do its monthly duties.

But, speaking of duties, just what favours were our favourite Marvel heroes doing to society exactly fifty years ago?

Fantastic Four #8, the Puppet-Master

The Puppet-Master makes his debut.

I've always had a soft spot for The Puppet-Master. He always had a touch more creepiness about him than most of early Marvel's mind-controlling villains.

I've not read this one in years. Doesn't Sue get kidnapped, for the eighth issue running, and replaced by Alicia Masters who, although blind and a totally different woman, manages to fool the FF?
Incredible Hulk #4, Mongu

Thrill to the terror of Pingu Mongu!

Is the other story in this issue the one where the Hulk disguises himself as the Abominable Snowman to beat some evil commies and, in doing so, somehow proves himself to be smarter than Rick Jones?

It can't be easy being sidekick to the Hulk and knowing you're not even the brains of the outfit.
Journey Into Mystery 86, Thor and Zarrko the Tomorrow Man

Who needs Kang when you've got Zarrko the Tomorrow Man?
Strange Tales 102, the Human Torch vs the Wizard, man vs machine

A distinctly unhealthy looking Wizard waits to zap the Human Torch.

I'm more interested in Man vs Robot - mostly because I remember the time I once fought a robot.

Well, when I say, "robot," it was more a vacuum cleaner.

And I don't care what anyone says - I would've won if it hadn't been plugged in.
Tales to Astonish 37, Ant Man vs the Protector

I'm no expert but is "The Protector" really that good a name for a villain? It doesn't exactly scream, "Menace," at you.

He also seems to be wearing a beret.

And swimming goggles.

But it's good to see Ant-Man using his magnificent cannon. It's just what every super-hero needs; a device for firing you two feet through the air.
The Downward Slide, Stephen Walker, short story collection, red wolf moon

Thank you for your time. Steve Does Comics now returns to its coma until the weekend.

In the meanwhile, don't forget that my short story collection The Downward Slide is out now on Kindle. Six new tales of the supernatural that remind us we're all on the downward slide but some of us are getting there faster than others.

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Boston Bill said...

Steve, good to see you back, if only for the flashback monthlies.

Yes indeed, blind Alicia Masters disguises herself as Sue and her friends and family fail to notice the difference, or that she's blind. And yet this was still head and shoulders above DC at the time.

This issue saw the Hulk turned into a 2nd rate Thing, the third approach to the character in 4 issues! I think Ditko never got the credit for coming up with the Hulk that turned upon getting angry approach.

I see Thor is still a little ways a way from his 'Thee and Thou' self.

The Torch's run in Strange Tales introduced a rogues gallery that was possibly lamer than Ant Mans. But at least they updated the Wizard to make him a good FF Villain (not to mention Paste Pot Pete).

Now get back to sleep.

Kid said...

Well, that was the shortest 'retirement' on record. Your real name wouldn't be Frank Sinatra, would it? Just when I had a cunning plan to lure all your followers over to MY blog, Curses. Foiled again.

Steve W. said...

Kid, I like to think all my followers committed suicide when they heard I was going to be, "resting."

Dougie said...

I know I did. Only you can see me, Steve; only you.

Kid said...

I can see you as well, Dougie.

John said...

The blind Alicia Masters far and away outshines Sue Storm in this issue. Not only is Alicia responsible for detecting an invisible Sue, which leads to the blond girl's capture, but then she disguises herself as Sue and fools the other FF members. Later, the Puppet Master takes off with Sue on his flying horse and Reed barely manages to stretch enough to save her.

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