Saturday, 1 December 2012

Fifty years ago today. December 1962.

There's less than a month to go before Noddy Holder comes down the chimney, kisses our mothers by the Christmas tree and gives us whatever presents we deserve. But just how much festive cheer were our favourite Marvel heroes feeling in this month of 1962?

Fantastic Four #9, the Sub-Mariner

Not a lot, apparently.

It's a tale of Christmas hardship that Charles Dickens himself would be hard-pressed to top, as the Fantastic Four find themselves penniless and having to work for their deadly enemy the Sub-Mariner.
Journey Into Mystery #87, Thor in chains

It all goes a bit homoerotic, as Thor enters cover territory normally reserved for Wonder Woman.

Give her back those chains, you Norse numbskull. She needs them.
Strange Tales #103, the Human Torch and the Fifth Dimension

Can it be? Can pesky aliens finally have discovered the Human Torch's secret and unguessable weakness?
Tales to Astonish #38, Ant-Man

Is that Egghead?

If it isn't, it certainly should be, as Ant-Man finds himself defeated by flypaper.

But, betrayed by his own ants! Frankly, when you hear news like that, it's no wonder Hank Pym went mad.

Then again, some might suspect the sanity of anyone who thinks that hanging around with ants is normal.


Dougie said...

Electronics. They're great. Make good god-handcuffs and stuff.

cerebus660 said...

FF #9 and Astonish #38 are two of the oldest Marvel Comics I own. FF #9 is one of my favourite comics, Astonish #38... isn't.
I've never really understood the appeal of Ant-Man, surely one of the lamest super heroes ever. However, that cover is pretty cool, with Kirby's mega-exaggerated perspective on Egghead's giant hand :-)

Kid said...

December-dated comics usually went on sale around September, hence the non-Christmas theme of them, presumably.

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