Saturday, 13 April 2013

The nightmare creatures of Tales of Suspense - Part Two!

I have to say this, the monsters in Part One of this feature were all fine and dandy but I can't help feeling Stan and Jack excelled themselves when they came up with today's selection.

So, without further ado, let's take a look at the nightmare creatures of Tales of Suspense!

Tales of Suspense #17, Googam, son of Goom

Only the other day, we experienced the terror of Goom! Now it turns out there's a son of Goom.

Presumably that means there's a Mrs Goom.

What a lovely picture of domestic bliss that knowledge conjures up.
Tales of Suspense #18, Kraa the unhuman

I think I read this in one of Marvel's 1970s monster reprint mags. Possibly Where Monsters Dwell or some such. If I remember right, Kraa was on the cover, fighting a giant python.
Tales of Suspense #19, The Green Thing

The Green Thing? I do fear Stan wasn't quite putting the effort in when he came up with that name. He could have at least honoured Marvel monster naming etiquette and called it The Ggreen Thingg!

Still, it is at least a timely reminder to not inflict substance abuse upon your cauliflowers.
Tales of Suspense #21, Klagg

"This is Klagg!"

I'm saying nothing.
Tales of Suspense #22, Bruttu

Et tu, Bruttu?
Tales of Suspense #25, Monstrollo

Poor old Monstrollo. Not only does he die but he seems to be named after a packet of small, round chocolates.

Tales of Suspense #26, the thing that crawled by night

This is definitely my favourite-looking monster of today's batch.
Tales of Suspense #27, Oog

What an Oogie mess.

Oog, doing his impersonation of the ice warrior in tonight's Dr Who story.
Tales of Suspense #31 the monster in the iron mask

Help! Help! They've made a monkey out of Dr Doom!
Tales of Suspense #32, the man in the bee-hive

Hold on a moment. The Man in the Beehive? This all looks strangely familiar.

What he wants to do is get himself a cybernetic helmet, a rich girlfriend and call himself Bee-Man. He'll be a hero unlike any other.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Bee-Man could meet Ant-Man, and each could mistake the other for a villain, and then they could fight for half the story, then realize the truth, and team up to fight the real bad guy.

Kid said...

"You're nicked, you Klagg!"

Ant Master said...

And Hank Pym will eventually call himsel the wasp, unbelievable.

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