Sunday 18 August 2013

The most forgettable comics I have ever owned. Part 1: TV Action #64.

Many a time have I opined on this blog about the comics I most wanted as a child but never got the chance to own.

But there's a polar opposite to that.

And that's comics I did have as a child but then somehow totally forgot I'd ever possessed.

The wonder of the internet is that, every so often when you're blundering around on it, you randomly stumble across just such a comic.

And that leads us into this brand new feature.

Of course, it's all highly unfair. The fact that I don't recall having once owned a comic may not necessarily be a reflection on its quality. It may be that I had it for just a short while or that my brain has become mysteriously clouded when it comes to that certain matter.

Still, that's not going to stop me posting those mags on here. Personally, I see it as a chance to thrust them once more into the limelight and at last give them the attention they no doubt deserve.

The first offering is TV Action #64, which I'd totally forgot I'd ever owned until I saw its cover posted on Dougie's Some Fantastic Place.

What's up with me? That comic has Dr Who! It has UFO!  It has Stingray!

Admittedly, it also has The Persuaders and Hawaii Five-0, which are perhaps less likely to lodge in the youthful imagination.

Most of all, how could I ever have forgotten the sight of Jon Pertwee being chased across a desert by a six-legged camel?

And you know what? The depressing thing is that, somehow, even having become reacquainted with that cover, I still recall nothing of the contents.

Sometimes I despair of myself.


Kid said...

I think I've got that issue (and others) - must dig it out one day and remind myself of what it was like.

Anonymous said...

The six legged camel couldn't have been so interesting after all ! It's strange that Dr. Who was on TV for 16 years before getting his own proper weekly comic. In the '70s there were Who annuals but nobody seemed to consider a weekly.( Apologies if there was a Who comic of some kind but I can't remember one before the late '79 effort ).

Anonymous said...


Doctor Who appeared weekly in TV Comic from 1964, not long after he first appeared on TV, until he relocated to Countdown, which was eventually retitled TV Action; when TV Action was cancelled he returned to TV Comic.

David Simpson

Anonymous said...

David, thanks for that info but I meant that the Doctor never had his own comic with the title ' Doctor Who ' until the Marvel weekly in October 1979.