Saturday, 2 November 2013

Fifty years ago today - November 1963.

As all lovers of plots to blow up Parliament know, in but three days from now, it's Bonfire Night.

But were our favourite Marvel heroes of exactly fifty years ago likewise setting the world ablaze?

Or were they instead like one of those rockets you put in a milk bottle, set light to and then watch as it falls over and then just lies there, on the ground, doing nothing?

Avengers #2, Space Phantom

The Space Phantom makes his debut and promptly takes advantage of the average Marvel hero's desire to punch other Marvel heroes in the bracket.
Fantastic Four #20, the Molecule Man

And the Molecule Man also makes his debut.

I've never liked the Molecule Man. It's something about that zig-zaggy face that puts me off.
Journey Into Mystery #98, Thor, Cobra and Mr Hyde

Yes! Even a thunder god cannot match the Cobra's great power of... ...erm, crawling around on his stomach.
Amazing Spider-Man #6, The Lizard

Hooray! My favourite Spider-Man villain makes his first appearance, and features on my favourite Steve Ditko Spider-Man cover.

As always, we have to conclude that you can't go wrong with purple and green.
Strange Tales #114, Human Torch v Captain America

It's the Human Torch v Captain America but - as the real Cap's still encased in a block of ice - something tells me this one might be an imposter.
Tales of Suspense #47, Iron Man v the Melter

Iron Man comes up against the first of his foes who have the power to melt his armour.
Tales to Astonish #49, Giant Man v the Living Eraser

The Living Eraser and Giant Man both arrive on the scene, as Marvel finally give up all hope of Ant-Man ever catching on.
X-Men #2

The X-Men hit their second issue, with a foe of whom I must admit to knowing next to nothing.

But am I right in thinking that three of this month's villains have the power to teleport?


Kid said...

The Melter's melting ray is strapped to the front of his chest. You'd think Iron Man would've simply sneaked up behind him and battered him on the bonce - game over. Heroes ain't too clever sometimes.

Steve W. said...

Personally, if I were Tony Stark, I'd have just got my security guards to walk up to him and beat him up, as his gun didn't work on people.

Anonymous said...

That issue of Strange Tales was actually pretty darn good; a lot of rolling, rollicking action courtesy of Kirby and a foreshadowing or hint of the real Cap coming back.
But God only knows what the Cobra was doing messing around with Thor.
I mean, you wanna say, "Hey guy, maybe start with Daredevil and see how that goes."
I thought the Living Eraser and the Vanisher were so nutty they were actually kinda cool. M.P.

Doug said...

I had that Tales to Astonish at one time. Just silly fun.

Looking at some of those covers, one has to wonder how Marvel caught on...