Monday, 3 February 2014

Fifty years ago today - February 1964.

I can think of nothing at all interesting to say to introduce this post. So, in a rare fit of succinctness, here's my look at what our favourite Marvel heroes were up to in the exact same month the Beatles first appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show.

That appearance got almost 73 million viewers - which, by an incredible coincidence, is exactly the same number of people I expect to comment on this post.

Sometimes, the synchronicities of life are just plain spooky.

Amazing Spider-Man #9, Electro

Electro makes his shocking first appearance.
Fantastic Four #23, Dr Doom

Dr Doom is back!

Is this the one with his Doom Ship?

For some reason, when I first read this tale in The Mighty World of Marvel, I misread, "Doom Ship," as, "Doom Shirt." I didn't have a clue what a doom shirt was but I knew I wanted one.
Journey Into Mystery #101, Thor vs Zarrko

Zarrko the tomorrow man makes his debut.

Does this mean he made his first appearance before Kang? In which case, Kang is a Zarrko knock-off rather then the other way round? The things you learn when you trawl the depths of history.

Either way, you can read my review of Thor's next meeting with Zarrko, right here. Warning, it contains dinosaurs!
Strange Tales #117, the Human Torch vs the Eel

The Human Torch finds himself up against the deadly Eel, a foe so useless he couldn't even beat Daredevil when they met.

Worryingly for the Torch, references to Dr Strange are now starting to make the front cover...
Tales of Suspense #50, Iron Man vs the Mandarin

Iron Man finally gets an arch-enemy, as the Mandarin makes his first appearance.

To be honest, Mandy could at least make the effort to stand up to fight his new, sworn foe. With apathy like that, it's no wonder he always used to lose.
Tales to Astonish #52, Giant-Man and the Wasp vs the Black Knight

Giant-Man and the wonderful Wasp find themselves up against the original Black Knight. To be honest, given his track record, I don't fancy Giant-Man's chances.


Aggy said...

It seems like only yesterday that we had the first first apperance of Zarrko. Turns out it was waaaayyyyy back in November 2012.

It was a more innocent time...

Only 72,999,999 comments to go.

Steve W. said...

And now there's only 72,999,998 comments to go.

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