Saturday, 5 April 2014

Forty years ago today - April 1974.

Reader, I must level with you. There are times when I can't help wondering whatever happened to the Connells, that mysterious group who had a classic one-hit wonder nineteen years ago with the song 74-75.

I mostly can't help wondering it whenever I see the numbers 74 or 75.

I am currently seeing the number 74.

And that can only mean one thing.

It's time to look at what our favourite Marvel heroes were up to in April of that very year.

Avengers #122

The Avengers are still having ludicrous amounts of trouble defeating Zodiac, despite the bad guys barely being able to muster a super-power between them.

Wasn't this image used as the cover to one of Marvel UK's 1970s' annuals? Or am I going mad?

Conan the Barbarian #37

Do I detect the hand of Neal Adams in this cover?

Then again, do I also detect the hand of Tony DeZuniga?

Either way, it's an oddly static thing, lacking our hero's usual eagerness to leap headlong into the fray.
Captain America and the Falcon #172, the Banshee

It's time to journey up the nostrils, as Gil Kane gives us our heroes vs the Banshee.
Fantastic Four #145, Ternak

I must confess to knowing nothing at all about Ternak. Did he make any future appearances?
Incredible Hulk #174, the Cobalt Man

Hooray! The Cobalt Man's still causing trouble for the Hulk.
Iron Man #67, the Freak

The Freak is back.

For some reason, every time I see the Freak in an Iron Man comic, I have the irresistible urge to sing Rick James' Super Freak. That in turn makes me want to start randomly shouting, "Hammer Time."

If you ever meet me, you can't say you haven't been warned.
Amazing Spider-Man #131, Dr Octopus marries Aunt May

It's the story you never thought you'd see!

Mostly because it's ridiculous.

Aunt May's IQ drops even further as she decides it'd be a good idea to marry Dr Octopus.

But, of course, he only wants her for one thing.

Her nuclear power station.
Thor #222, Hercules

It's up-the-nostrils-time again, as Gil Kane gives us Thor and Hercules.
X-Men #87

Is this the one where the Mutant Master is defeated when his chair explodes?


Doug said...

Another fun trip through the Marvels of my formative years, Steve! Good point about Zodiac -- cool-looking group, nice schtick, but no pay-off. And Ternak...? I am thinking the Bronze Age Babies are in no hurry to review that issue!


Colin Jones said...
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Steve W. said...

Thanks, Doug and Colin.

Colin, where did you download it from? Was it one of those naughty sites?

Paul McScotty -Muir said...

Indeed Conan 37 not only sports a Neal Adams cover but the story inside is all Neal Adam as well and one of his best (imho)

Colin Jones said...

Steve, I downloaded it from Google Play which is the only place that I buy downloaded stuff from - I've only been buying music/ebooks online since late October and since my phone and tablet are both Android devices it's easiest just to use the Google Play store. I've had no problems whatsoever with music and ebooks but graphic novels are a different story. By the way your e-novels are not available on Google Play the last time I checked. I forgot to mention that Ternak looks much bigger on the cover than he does inside the comic.

Steve W. said...

Colin, I must confess that, until your comment above, I didn't even know Google Play existed. Thanks for alerting me to it. I shall investigate further.

Anonymous said...

Okay, now I've learned two things!! Google Play and there's naughty sites on the internet??? Do I just type Naughty Site and hit enter?

The Prowler (learning something new everyday.....).

PS Steve, quick question, I'm trying to watch Quadrophenia, do you know if there's a version in English?

Steve W. said...

Prowler, I'm sure that, if you search really really hard, you should be able to find a version of "Quadrophenia" that's been dubbed into English. I believe it's the version where Sting's been edited out and replaced by an actor.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping that wonderful crew that did all the Japanese monster movies would be available. I don't know if it was the slang or the accents, but there are a few scenes that are hard for me to follow.

Ooooh. Brain flash. Here, we have quite a few Spanish channels, you could say we have a plethora. What is cool is to watch the monster movies dubbed into Spanish. The audio is even more off.

The Prowler

Dougie said...

Yes, that Avengers cover was recycled as the cover of the UK 1977 annual: a reprint of GS Avengers 1.I didn't know it was originally a yellow cover and I rather prefer it. It dates also from the period when the Vision's collar was the wrong way up.

That issue of Cap features one of my favourite mutants, Banshee and reveals he is/was a fan of Nashville Country & Western music.

david_b said...

My Marvel Zuvembiehood was in full swing at this juncture..

Zodiac..? Swordsman..? Mantis..?

Secret Empire in CA&F..?

Aunt May marrying Doc Ock..?

Black Spectre taking over Washington in DD/BW..?


I was soooo hooked.

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