Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Forty years ago this month - May 1974.

The English Premier League season may be hitting the boil as it reaches its pulse-pounding climax but, for all music lovers, there's only one contest in town - and that's the first semi final of this year's Eurovision Song Contest.

Tragically, for the first time in recorded history, Jedward don't seem to be there, representing Ireland, so we can only console ourselves by looking at what our favourite Marvel heroes were up to exactly forty years ago and imagining how much better those comics would have been had they featured twins with vertical hair.

Conan the Barbarian #38, Were-Woman

At last, Conan finds himself a a female who can adorn a cover without cowering.

According to the blurb, she's a were-woman. To which I can only say it's nice to see our hero showing his modern side by entering the realms of trans-gender politics.
Avengers #123, Zodiac

Forget Eurovision; Libra goes for the title of World's Most Constipated Looking Super-Villain, as Mantis finally finds out who her dad is.
Captain America and the Falcon #173, X-Men

It would appear that Cap and his mates are out to finally give Nick Fury the slap he deserves.
Daredevil #109, Nekra

This all vaguely rings a bell. Was Nekra something to do with Mandrill?

Maybe it's just me but I can't think of Mandrill without thinking of Barbara Mandrell and the Mandrell Sisters, a TV show that could inflict more suffering on a human being than any super-powered baboon ever did.
Fantastic Four #146

I genuinely have no idea what happens in this issue. And, sadly, the cover gives me no clues. It all looks very dramatic though.
Incredible Hulk #175, Black Bolt and the Inhumans

It's another belter, as the Hulk finds himself in the Great Refuge and up against Black Bolt.
Amazing Spider-Man #132, the Molten Man

The Molten Man's back - and causing trouble for Spidey.

Does this mean this is also the the issue where Liz Allen makes her reappearance?
Thor #223, Pluto

Well, there's a coincidence. I read about this story only the other day, at The Peerless Power of Comics. This leads me to believe Pluto's prisoner on the cover to be Krista, the sister of the magnificently strapping Hildegarde.


Paul McScotty -Muir said...

There was indeed a connection between Nekra and Madrill: Nekra was mutated in the same explosion as the Mandrill and were part of Black Spectre cult

Colin Jones said...

The Fantastic Four story was the second part of Ternak's attempt to turn the whole world into ice and snow by using his special Turn-The-World-Into-Ice-And-Snow machine. According to the previous issue this story was to be called "Winter Over The World" but ended up with the duller title "Doomsday at 200 Degrees Below". This issue was reprinted in Complete FF No.14 which I fondly remember as I got it on the same day that we started the school Christmas holidays in 1977.

Steve W. said...

Colin and Paul, thanks for the info. I do feel this blog broadens my comic book education with every day that goes by.

Doug said...

I have several of these books. Forty years... wow. Just last night I was watching a concert from Paul McCartney's 1976 US tour. I remarked to my wife that the show was 38 years ago. I don't feel old enough...


MikeS said...

Actually forty years and three months ago this month, as these books sold three months ahead of the cover date. I remember buying this one on a cold winter's day. I had heard of Molten Man but had never read his previous appearances at that time. Yes, this marked Liz's return after a 8 1/2 year absence from the title.

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