Sunday 27 July 2014

Supergirl #1.

Supergirl #1, the trail of the madman
If there's one thing this blog knows how to achieve, it's unpopularity. Over the years, it's launched numerous features that have died a death before they've even made two posts.

But there's only been one that's so unpopular that I've received emails of complaint about it.

And that's Supergirl Sunday.

Needless to say, that's not going to prevent its return, as I finally get round to taking an organised look at the title that set out to launch the Kandorian clobberer into solo superstardom in 1972.

In issue #1, we find our heroine making a major life transition as, having quit her job as a reporter, she goes to university.

There's a slightly odd scene early on where she rushes to move house, so she can start uni, even though she only lives ten miles away from the university and has super speed and therefore has no need to move house at all in order to attend the place.

Supergirl #1, splash page, Art Saaf
But, of course, this is all a set-up, as it gives writer Cary Bates a chance to get Supergirl into a brand new environment where she can discover hints of strangeness about her new flatmate and fellow student Wanda Five who has ornaments in her room that seem to come from outer space.

But, before Supergirl can tackle that mystery, there's a bigger one to be dispatched.

There's been a murder on campus.

And then there's another.

It seems someone's bumping off drama students for no noticeable reason.

Fortunately, Wanda Five just happens to be psychic and thus keeps telling Supergirl when and where the murders are going to be committed.

Supergirl #1, the trail of the madman
And so, no longer needing anything that even resembles detective work, our heroine quickly captures the bad guy, who turns out to be the university drama tutor who's killing his students because he likes neither their hair nor their insistence on method acting in roles he once made his own.

Supergirl #1, Wanda Five
Of course, that still leaves the mystery of Wanda Five and how come she just happens to be psychic...

It's a perfectly solid and safe start to the strip's new direction but it does feel like one with the seatbelt on. I'm not sure it suits Supergirl for her to be doing the Murder She Wrote routine when we're used to her having far more rococo - and at times plain perverted - adventures and it feels like a massive gear change down from her usual lunacy.

Still, it has nice art by Art Saaf and Vince Colletta and does at least set up the hints of a far bigger and more ambitious story line to come, as regards her new room mate. Could we be about to get a Tana Nile situation?

You see? All people with sense may hate Supergirl Sunday but what other scenario in life would ever give me the chance to use the phrase, "Tana Nile situation"?

Admittedly, Thor Thursday would but we'd best gloss over that.


Russ said...

I've missed this series, actually, and I look forward to missing it again.

Anonymous said...

I actually kinda liked Supergirl. I liked DC's revamp with Peter David. I gave those comics to my niece!
One thing I always wondered about was "The Gang," who showed up in the '80's revamp and then showed up in Grant Morrison's insane and brilliant JLA years later. They had fallen on hard days and one of 'em had been turned into a cyborg. I always wondered about that. What happened?

Anonymous said...

"I actually kinda liked"..... I don't know if there's every been anything in my life that has fallen in that category. As I was trying to find an ending to that phrase, for some strange reason, I hit upon a day back in college where we were hit by a very VERY heavy snowstorm. One large enough to shut down the town. I remember watching TV hoping for news that the University was calling off classes, doing that rocking back and forth and one word prayer "please" repeated ad nauseam when finally: YES!!!! Glory Hallelujah we were closed. Of course, frantic phone calls informing all my known associates of our good fortune followed and with in the hour, my house was so filled with movies, munchies and merriment. The best part, I lived a block from campus.

So, in conclusion, I actually kinda liked your post on Supergirl. I look forward to many more Sundays to come. And the software is telling me I misspelled Supergirl. What a revolting development.

The Prowler (actually kinda off topic....AGAIN).

Dougie said...

I have a soft spot for Supergirl too. I wish the Cosmic Adventures title had gone to a second series as they say.

I don't think the world needs another skimpily dressed space-babe but a gangly super-teen- in Smallville scenario sounds like it could reach the Wimpy Kid audience:

Steve W. said...

It's a miracle! After less than 24 hours, this is already the most read post on the blog this week. Can it be that, after all these years, Supergirl Sunday has at last found the popularity I always dreamt it might one day attain?

Anonymous said...

Wait, was this a dream? Was it my dream or your dream? Is it a dream of the collective unconsciousness? A Collective Dream of Randomness?

I really think I'm getting farther from topicness.....

Supergirl Supergirl Supergirl....

if that's spelled wrong, what word are "they" looking for???

The Prowler (Dreamweaver since 79).

Anonymous said...

It also tells you that you misspelled "Superboy," but it is somehow OK with "Superman."

Anonymous said...

You had complaints about Supergirl Sunday? Really ??

Whats wrong with these people?


dbutler16 said...

I've been getting into the Bronze Age Super-family stuff lately (though never a Superman fan) perhaps because they are so copious in the dollar bins, so keep the Supergirl Sundays going!