Friday, 1 August 2014

Fifty years ago today - August 1964.

As all the finest scholars know, the month of August didn't get that name by accident.

Good grief, no.

It's named after August Darnell of Kid Creole and the Coconuts fame.

But were our favourite Marvel heroes of fifty years ago going nuts? Or were they just sitting back and drinking their cocoa?

There's only way to find out.

Avengers #7, Enchantress, Zemo and the Executioner

It would appear that the Enchantress and the Executioner have teamed up with Baron Zemo to cause trouble for Marvel's finest.
Daredevil #3, the Owl

The super-soar-away Owl makes his debut.

You can't help feeling that, if he'd played his cards right, the Owl could have been Daredevil's answer to the Kingpin.

Clearly he didn't play his cards right, and the Kingpin ended up being Daredevil's answer to the Kingpin.

But take a look at DD. How could anyone not love that red and yellow costume?


Fantastic Four #29, the Watcher, Yancy Street

I believe this tale sees the return of the Red Ghost and yet another trip to the moon for our heroes.
Journey into Mystery #107, Thor and the Grey Gargoyle

The Grey Gargoyle makes his debut.

I've always liked the Grey Gargoyle. Leaving aside the fact he spells, "Grey," the British way, he's always seemed a most unpleasant cove and a bit of a bounder.
Spider-Man #15, Kraven the Hunter

It's clearly a big month for debuts, as Kraven the Hunter makes his first appearance.
Strange Tales #123, the Human Torch and Dr Strange

Swipe me down with a can of Raid! It's yet another dastardly debut, as the Beetle shows his face for the first time.

But there's a worse peril for the Human Torch around, as Dr Strange now has fifty percent of the cover - and a battle with Loki to give us! How can our flaming phenomenon ever hope to see off such a challenge?
Tales of Suspense #56, Iron Man vs the Unicorn

The Unicorn makes his horny debut.
Tales to Astonish #58, Giant-Man vs Colossus

Well, with all these great villains making their first appearances this month, just what legendary foe can Giant-Man give us?

That's right.

It's Colossus.

No wonder Hank Pym went mad.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, the FF were always back and forth to the Moon and then in 1969 everybody mysteriously forgot they'd ever been there and Neil Armstrong became the "first" man on the moon.