Sunday, 2 November 2014

Fifty years ago this month - November 1964.

It's been a strange and unusual week for me. I've seen Margaret Thatcher singing on Top of the Pops, evil clowns banned from the streets of France and spiders removed from Katie Melua's earholes. But what kind of week were our favourite Marvel heroes experiencing exactly fifty years ago?

Here's where we find out.

Avengers #10, Immortus

Immortus shows up and the Avengers break up.

Other than that, I'm not familiar with this tale. Does the Kang/Immortus link get mentioned here or does that not come along until later?

The Kang Immortus Link. I used to love that band. They were my favourite Prog Rock outfit.
Fantastic Four #32, The Invincible Man

The Invincible Man makes his debut and we finally find out just where the Storms's parents have been all this time.

Now we just need to find out where Ben and Reed's parents have been all this time.
Journey Into Mystery #110, Thor vs Mr Hyde and the Cobra

For that matter, where has Thor's mother been all this time? We keep seeing Odin but Mrs Odin is never anywhere in eight.

But Thor's too busy to worry about that. He's got his hands full with Jane Foster.

And he's about to have his hands even fuller with the Cobra and Mr Hyde.

He's going to need more hands at this rate.
Amazing Spider-Man #18, Sandman

Speaking of parent deficient super-heroes, Spider-Man's finally developed the sense to hide from super-villains instead of fighting them.
Strange Taled #126, Human Torch, the Thing, Mad Thinker and Puppet Master

Somehow, the Thing and Human Torch are holding on to that coveted main story slot, despite the fact that Dr Strange's strip is clearly far more interesting.

But can it be true? Can the first appearance of the dread Dormammu really be playing second fiddle to the return of the Mad Thinker?
Tales of Suspense #59, Iron Man, Captain America

Captain America gets his own strip in Tales of Suspense.
Tales to Astonish #61, the Hulk and Giant-Man

I don't have a clue what goes on in either of these tales.

To be honest, it's not a cover that suggests the contents are going to be the greatest ever.
X-Men #8, Unus

Unus the Untouchable makes his debut in a tale I've never read.

Was it ever explained how exactly he eats if he can't touch anything?


Aggy said...

Re: Unus. I was always more interested in how he managed to be wearing clothes. Unus the Untouchable except by a Polyester/Cotton blend.

Russ said...

All but one of those covers by Kirby (though parts of that Astonish cover look suspect--Bob Powell maybe?) and all but none of the covers look amazing. Kirby was the best. Ditko was the other best.

Anonymous said...

Steve, never mind Janet Brown and Katie Melua - you missed out THE event of the last week namely the Master returning as a woman !!! The Doctor must be a bit slow as I'd guessed it about 20 minutes before him - the first time she said "You know who I am" (she forgot to add MWAHAHAHAHAHA).

Steve W. said...

I still think there's more going on than meets the eye with the whole Missy/Master thing. I still suspect that Moffatt is trying to pull a fast one with it.