Sunday, 14 December 2014

December 14th, 1974 - Marvel UK, 40 years ago this week.

On this day in 1974, Wombling Merry Christmas smashed onto the UK singles chart, at #21. It was the week's highest new entry.

Oddly, there was no sign of either Slade or Wizzard on that chart.

How the Wombles must have laughed evilly at their triumph over the other two acts, suddenly confident that it would be they who'd dominate the pre-Christmas charts from now on, while Slade and Wizzard's efforts would sink into permanent obscurity.

But were our favourite Marvel heroes enjoying a similar sense of triumph on this very day of forty years ago?

And, if so, was it justified?

Marvel UK Avengers #65, Magneto

It's certainly a triumph for the Avengers, who've actually managed to make the cover of their own mag.

And that means I actually know what the tale inside is.

It's the one with Magneto. And Quicksilver. And the Scarlet Witch. Few people would have guessed that from the cover but I have the observational and deductive skills of Sherlock Holmes, who I so closely resemble.
Marvel UK, Planet of the Apes #8

Eight issues in and still Marvel's adaptation of the original movie rumbles on.
Marvel UK, Dracula Lives #8

A cover that I believe was originally drawn by Neal Adams before John Romita decided he could improve it and got stuck into it by redrawing great big chunks of it.

I'd love to see what the original version looked like, to discover what was so wrong with it, that the Jazzy one felt he had to save it.
Spider-Man Comics Weekly #96, The Prowler

It's the arrival of the Prowler; the only super-doer who thought you could become a super-villain by using your window cleaning equipment as weaponry.

Despite this, I always had a soft spot for him.
Mighty World of Marvel #115, Dr Doom vs the Hulk

You do wonder how many of Dr Doom's schemes can go disastrously wrong before he finally notices he's not infallible.


Kid said...

I've got a letter in that issue of POTA. Who wants my autograph? (And I've got that Wombles song - but I never talk about it.)

Colin Jones said...

And I was reading that issue a few days ago on the Hunter's POTA website including your letter, Kid. After 3 weeks of reading POTA, disaster - No.8 never came into the newsagent where it was on order - I don't know why we just didn't get a replacement copy from WH Smith's. It still irks me that I didn't get this issue especially as I had every single issue of boring bloody Apeslayer. This was also the time I was forced to miss the class Christmas party due to illness so no POTA and no party :(

Steve W. said...

I wish I could claim to have such memories of Christmas 1974 but I don't think I have any. Was Quatermass and the Pit on TV on Christmas Eve that year? If so, I recall that.

Colin Jones said...

Steve, I know that the final episodes of 'Steptoe & Son' and 'Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads' were shown at Christmas 1974. I forgot to say in my comment that the cover of POTA (and inside) features a scene that's not in the film - if I had owned this comic I'd have wondered where that scene was when I finally got to see the film in 1977.

Steve W. said...

Colin, is that the scene with the paper plane? I always feel like, "Where's the paper plane?" whenever I see the movie.

Colin Jones said...

Steve, the paper plane scene is in the movie as far as I remember - I meant the scene on that POTA No.8 cover where they are escaping and meet some gorillas who want to take Taylor and Nova back with them but Zira and Cornelius tell them that they (Taylor and Nova) are diseased and mustn't be touched - that scene isn't in the film.

londonlee said...

Wasn't Electro an electrician? I love that Spider-Man's baddies had such mundane jobs, though window cleaner is pushing it a bit

The Prowler said...

It pays the bills!

(The best things in life are free but you can save them for the birds and bees).

Gey Blabby said...

One of my favourite early John Buscema covers, that Avengers one. I forgot that Quicksilver originally had a green costume.

Dougie said...

I agree: that Avengers cover is magnificent. I also like the Prowler cover. That was also the third and final Drac Lies I would read for many a year: too dark and brutal!

Checked BBC Genome: no sign of Q and the Pit on Xmas Eve. But my earliest memories of it probably come from around the same time. I'm guessing around Nov/ early Dec but I'll check on another day.

Colin Jones said...

I've never heard of BBC Genome before but I just had a quick look - how fascinating !!! - I'm off for a more detailed look :)

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