Sunday, 7 June 2015

June 7th, 1975 - Marvel UK, 40 years ago this week.

"Holy mackerel!" I hear you cry. "Just what topical subject are you going to reference this time and attempt to tenuously link to forty years ago, as a desperate launch pad for your latest post?"

No topical event whatsoever. That's because this week is unique in having had no topical events take place at all.

Admittedly, there was a Champions' League final but, as no one was arrested for corruption during it, I feel it rather let us all down on the scandal front.

Therefore I'll just leap straight into my Time Pit of Terror and plunge downwards into 1975 to discover just what our favourite Marvel subsidiary was up to in this very week of forty years ago.

Spider-Man Comics Weekly #121, Iceman

"Thor vs Mangog! Iron Man battles Moleman!"

I think I know which of those two contests is the more likely to get my pulse racing.

Marvel UK Avengers #90, Man-Ape

It's one of my favourite John Buscema era Avengers tales, as the Man-Ape makes his iconoclastic debut.

I've no idea what happens in the back-up strips.

Mighty World of Marvel #140, Hulk vs Silver Surfer

The FF vs the Sentry? The Hulk vs the Silver Surfer? How could anyone not want to read this comic?

I think Daredevil may have been up against that bloke with the T-Ray in this issue, which was one of my favourite DD tales from this era. In which case, it's a hat-trick of 1975 fabbiness from Marvel UK's flagship title.

Marvel UK, Planet of the Apes #33

I'm assuming this is still the not-at-all Mark Twain influenced story I remember so well from my childhood.

Marvel UK, Dracula Lives #33

Just where do people get those flaming torches from at the drop of a hat? Is there a shop that sells them especially for such occasions? I think I may have previously mentioned the shop in Sheffield that used to sell battle axes and vacuum cleaners. I wonder if it sold flaming torches as well?

Marvel UK, Savage Sword of Conan #14, Web of the Spider-God

Conan's having spider trouble.

Marvel UK, The Super-Heroes #14, Silver Surfer vs Mephisto

It's yet more Mephisto mayhem for the Surfer.

I don't know much about the later Lee/Buscema Silver Surfer stories. Did the Surfer come up against Mephisto pretty much every issue in them?


Anonymous said...

I remember that Conan story, in which Conan encounters a cult which feeds people to a giant spider.
While I try to avoid criticizing other people's religion, this seems to me to be taking things a tad too far.
Fortunately here in the U.S. we don't have giant man-eating spiders,(that I'm aware of) otherwise I'm sure this cult would have become widespread in the deep South, maybe Kentucky, West Virginia or possibly Mississippi.

Dougie said...

I think this was the last Mephisto story in the Surfer's series. There's the first one- from when it was a giant-sized series; then there's the 2-part Flying Dutchman clash. Finally, this Shalla Bal/ SHIELD two-parter.

I wonder if the Iceman/ Spidey story was a tryout for the frosty one's own strip?

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