Wednesday, 20 April 2016

2000 AD - March 1978.

It's time once more to look at what the galaxy's greatest comic was giving us one month and thirty eight years ago. Taking a look at what a comic was doing one month and thirty eight years ago is such an obvious idea that I'm amazed no one has ever done it before.

In fairness, there seems to be have been little happening in that month that inspires me to make comment. Therefore, I shall skip making comments on each issue and, instead, summarise my thoughts, right here, at the beginning of the post.

I do note that M.A.C.H. 1 is drawn in some of these issues by Jesus Redondo, raising the question in my mind as to whether he's related to Nestor Redondo of DC Comics fame. It would appear, from my in-depth research on the internet, that there's no reason to believe he is, as he's from Spain and Nestor was from the Philippines.

I also note that Dan Dare is having that age-old problem of what to do when confronted by a bunch of people who all look the same but are mostly evil. Obviously, the answer is to shoot them all and worry about it later. I can't imagine why they've never put me in charge of any space missions.

I also note that Dan Dare's shuttlecraft thing has the Eagle Comic logo on it. Putting comic book logos on spaceships is a marvellous conceit that I'd hope to see copied by other spacecraft in future.

2000 AD Prog 54, Dan Dare

2000 AD Prog 55, Dan Dare

2000 AD Prog 56, Dan Dare

2000 AD Prog 57, Dan Dare


Anonymous said...

Steve, nice to see that you found an elegant solution to the problem of what to say about each issue when there isn't much going on. Just as the Dan Dare/supercover period comes to an end!
It was all change the following month:)

Not quite true that there was nothing going on, as if I recall correctly the last of those progs has a particularly good Bolland Dredd. The one where the lawbreakers pull off a heist but forget to pay their oxygen bills...


Steve W. said...

The sooner they get rid of the Dan Dare covers, the better. I've nothing against him - and there's no one I'd rather have to protect me from the Mekon - but seeing one character there every week does tend to leave me with nowhere much to go when it comes to commenting on the comics.

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