Sunday, 29 May 2016

May 29th, 1976 - Marvel UK, 40 years ago this week.

It's been an exciting twenty four hours for all football fans, with Hull winning their Premier League playoff against Sheffield Wednesday, and Real Madrid winning their Champions League final against Atlético.

But, forty years ago today, there was only one set of winners - and those were the readers of Marvel UK, who were no doubt being given thrills beyond those that any mere sporting event could ever hope to muster.

But just what were those thrills?

Hold on to your hats, sports fans, because here's where we find out!

Marvel UK, the Titans #32, Fantastic Four vs the Mole Man

It's the big one, as the FF move into a house that's designed to send the whole world blind.

Why such a machine is in the form of a house, I have no idea.

I also have no memory of the Mole Man's staff being cosmic. Was that just something made up for the front cover? Or was that a real thing?

Marvel UK, Avengers #141, Annihilus

It's good to see Rick Jones throwing in the towel at the first sign of trouble, there. I'm starting to realise why he never worked out as Captain America's partner, or as the Hulk's partner, or as Captain Marvel's partner, or as a Country/Rock singer, or as leader of the Teen Brigade.

Has Rick Jones ever been mentioned in any of the Marvel movies?

If not, that seems a bit harsh, bearing in mind his close links to so many Marvel heroes.

I've always quite fancied being Annihilus. He has a certain something about him.

Mighty World of Marvel #191, Adam Warlock

Adam Warlock's still on his Jesus trip.

Marvel UK, Planet of the Apes #84

I think we're still in Tom Sutton land with this tale but don't quote me on that, as I could be completely wrong.

Marvel UK, Dracula Lives #84

To be honest, I'm not sure how dramatic, "Ghost Rider shakes hands with Satan," is as a concept.

Despite what it claims on the cover, it certainly doesn't instill a sense of horror beyond belief in me.

Then again, I watch the Horror Channel every night, so I'm probably inured to such things by now. Frankly, once you've survived eight hundred episodes of The Legendary Journeys of Hercules, you can take anything.

I am curious though about the fact that Ghost Rider still has a strip in two Marvel UK mags at once. They really did seem to have a remarkable level of faith in his ability to attract readers.

Super Spider-Man with the Super-Heroes #172, Luke Cage

I believe this was the first time I ever encountered Luke Cage.

Needless to say, he made a big impact on me and I've modelled my dress sense on him ever since.

I also believe this is the story where Peter Parker snaps his pen in half.

Granted, that might not sound all that dramatic but, at the time, it seemed incredibly potent and was a sight that burnt itself into my memory.


Colin Jones said...

That FF story also contained a huge continuity blunder - at the end of the previous issue the Thing was back at the Baxter Building organizing the move of Reed and Sue's furniture but when this issue begins...abracadabra...he's trapped in the Mole Man's house with the rest of the FF. This week's POTA also featured the final part of Panther's Rage - not the showdown with the T. Rex, that was in #82, but the aftermath.

Anonymous said...

That thing the Mole Man's holding is probably not a cosmic-powered rod, but more likely a standard-issue cattle prod, useful for keeping the Moloids on the go.
However, even a mere cattle prod is sufficient to make just about anybody "deadlier than ever" as Reed put it, and I've been saving up for one myself, because I too wish to be deadlier than ever.

Steve W. said...

They're well worth the money, MP. I bought myself one at Christmas and am already 150% deadlier than ever.

Thanks for the Panther's Rage info, Colin. I'd been wondering if it was still running by this stage. I wish I could remember what strip replaced it.

dangermash said...

The answer to my question from last week is plastered across the top of that Titans cover. Captain Mavel has been dropped to make way for Ghost Rider.

Steve W. said...

Does this mean Captain Marvel disappeared completely from Marvel UK until he showed up in Mighty World of Marvel?

dangermash said...

Couldn't tell you Steve. I only used to get Spider-Man each week. Everything I know about other strips only comes from the Internet, the occasional Avengers annual, Marvel masterworks and Marvel Indices.

Very weird though that he's been given the chop while Ghost Rider's appearing in two mags/week.

Colin Jones said...

Steve, apparently Captain Marvel replaced Panther's Rage in POTA - all the POTA covers are on the "Hunter's POTA" website and Captain Marvel's name appears on the covers of #86 and #89 but never again so I'm guessing he didn't stay for long.

Steve W. said...

It's strange. I have no memory at all of Captain Marvel's second stint in POTA. I wonder if I didn't have those issues.

Colin Jones said...

Steve, I did have those issues but I don't remember Captain Marvel's second stint either. But I think he was soon replaced by the Man-Thing.

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