Sunday 24 July 2016

New movie trailers! Wonder Woman and Dr Strange!

No one could accuse me of not keeping my ear to the ground when it comes to the latest movies. Hence it's only taken me five years to get round to watching the first Thor movie, which I enjoyed a fair bit, especially the portrayal of Loki.

Therefore, it's come to my attention that, yesterday, new trailers for two upcoming comic book movies hit YouTube and certain other places. One was the new plug for Wonder Woman and the other was for Dr Strange.

So, let's take a look at those trailers. If you don't want to be spoilerised, don't read on past this point.

Having taken a look at them, I am intrigued by the fact that Wonder Woman takes place in World War One, which somehow feels a more interesting setting than the World War Two milieu that I grew up with and it clearly provides for some dramatic shots.

On the other hand, I hope the entire film isn't just going to be, "Wonder Woman fights World War One," which may prove to be something of a waste of the character's potential for getting into fantastical scrapes.

I also worry that, apart from the vaguely annoying ending, I don't see a lot of characterisation going on in the trailer. I hope we're not going to get a totally by-the-numbers portrayal of our dashing dominatrix and her flyboy boyfriend.

The Dr Strange movie, I'm not sure about. I do feel that Benilux Slumberparty should have been allowed to keep his English accent, as Dr Strange is one of the few Marvel heroes who could work as an Englishman. Plus, I can't hear him do, "American," without thinking of Hugh Laurie in House.

Also, the visuals look to be somewhat lacking in the weirdness I'd like to see from a Dr Strange movie. I see, for instance, no echoes of the visual style of Steve Ditko which so defined the strip.

Initially, I didn't like them replacing the Ancient One with a not-so-ancient Briton but, in retrospect, he was a somewhat clichéd concept, so it may not be a bad idea after all.

The lack of a certain flame-headed demon does, however, disappoint me.

As for which film I feel most tempted to see, I must confess it's the Dr Strange one, as I have more interest in the character than I have for Wonder Woman, even though I probably find the Wonder Woman trailer more intriguing.

That's just my opinion. What's yours? Feel free to use the comments section below to let the world know.


TC said...

Given DC's track record so far, I expect the Wonder Woman movie to be lousy, but I will have to go see it anyway, because Gal Gadot.

The things we do for love.

Steve W. said...

Am I the only one who always gets Gal Gadot mixed up with ex-Buck Rogers star Gil Gerard?

TC said...

I have no trouble at all telling Gal from Gil.

I could see getting Gal/WW mixed up with Lucy Lawless/Xena. I think I could sort them out, though. Anyway, it would be fun to try.

B Smith said...

Perhaps they could dig up one of James Coburn's Flint movie leading ladies, and Lucille Ball's comic foil, so you could have Gal Gadot vs Gila Golan and Gale Gordon.

No doubt your review would start "G's...."

Anonymous said...

With respect to Cumberbatch, the American accent is difficult to master. It requires the strategic ability to drop consonants and torture vowels in all the right places, and demands years of study. Michael Caine tried to pull it off once or twice and failed utterly.
But the reverse is true as well; Keanu Reeve's attempt at doing a British accent in that Dracula movie he was in prevented anybody from finding the movie scary.
Vlad Dracula did not surf.

Steve W. said...

It's strange but I've never really been that bothered by Reeves' English accent in Dracula, probably because I expected it to be so much worse. On the other hand, I have always wondered how Anthony Hopkins gets work in Hollywood movies. He's a great actor but his attempts at an American accent always sound terrible to me. I am filled with admiration for Anne Hathaway's legendary Yorkshire accent in One Day. Her ability to work her way around the entire British Isles and then detour off into New York and then back again in the space of one sentence is a marvel to hear.

pete doree said...

I liked the Doc teaser trailer, but I'm strangely unexcited by both of these. How soon we jade. eh?

Anonymous said...

BBC Radio 4 has a nightly arts programme called Front Row and a few years ago the former presenter, Mark Lawson, was interviewing Russell Crowe about his new film, Robin Hood. Lawson suggested to Crowe that his accent in the film was a bit odd, not very good. Crowe angrily replied "You must have cloth ears, mate" and soon stormed off.