Sunday, 26 February 2017

Logan movie trailer (possible spoilers).

Mere days ago, I rewatched X-Men: Days of Future Past, thanks to some channel or other showing it and, even though I'm still not sure it all makes any real sense, I do - thanks to its likeable characters - still find it enjoyable.

But that sounds like a cue to watch the trailer for the latest X-Men film, which is called Logan which is possibly the least exciting title for a film since John Carter.

Clearly, with it starring everyone's favourite walking cutlery set, it's unlikely to suffer the same box office death as that movie did. But, given that other Wolverine movies haven't always gone down well, just how does it promise to do?

There's only one way to find out.

And that's to press the Play button...

I have to say that's one of the most uninteresting movie trailers I've ever seen. So, basically, it's an X-Men film that doesn't have any mutants in it and seems to have been made by a director who's suicidally depressed. Also, there's a girl in it but we don't know who she is or why she's important - assuming she is important - and she doesn't get to say anything, and it's anyone's guess if there's any decent bad guys in the film or what's at stake or why or how.

On the plus side, it does have Johnny Cash's Hurt playing all the way through it but that does have the effect of making the trailer look like it's nothing more than an alternative video for the song. Unfortunately, that just makes you realise how much more interesting the original video for that song is when compared to the trailer.

Of course, this apparent dullness won't prevent me from watching it when I get the chance, just like I've watched the other Wolverine films. But it doesn't fill me with hope that there's actually anything in the film that'd make it worth watching.

I now sit here secure in the knowledge that it'll get rave reviews from the critics and be the most commercially successful X-Men movie ever; proving once more that, when it comes to judging film trailers, I don't have a clue what I'm talking about.


Anonymous said...

Y'know, against my better judgement I'm kinda looking forward to that "Kong: Skull Island" movie. I told my brother that when it comes around here, we're gonna go see it.
He said, "Aw, that looks like a big pile of monkey crap to me." I said, "We're goin', we're gonna get there early and play a little air hockey and a few video games in the lobby, just like the old days. Then we're gonna get about twenty pounds of popcorn and some Junior Mints and sit down and watch a bunch of guys get eaten by horrible monsters. I think there's a giant spider in that movie."
He has relented. You know, I just don't think there are enough movies these days that show people being eaten by monsters. Just an observation.


Steve W. said...

I get excited every time I see a trailer for, "Skull Island." Gigantic monsters will always appeal to the connoisseur of quality cinema.

Anonymous said...

Steve, the last X-Men film I saw was the one that ends with the Bay of Pigs. What useless superheroes - they didn't do a thing to help the plucky Cubans against being invaded!

Most of them seem to be heavy on the FX with LOTS of super powered characters running around; consider also the Avengers films, and it seems like a pretty good idea for the latest to change tack and just focus on a couple of actors and a bit of drama. And theres a bit of a Mad Max vibe to the trailer thats appealing too.
The film will probably still be rubbish though.


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