Tuesday, 9 October 2018

The Marvel Lucky Bag - October 1978.

We in Britain would appear to be encountering a freakish autumn heatwave right now. But one thing's for certain.

And that's that it can't possibly be hotter than whatever it was Marvel was serving up in their less high-profile comics that bore the cover date of this month in 1978.

That hammer-happy chump Thor's still fighting the Invaders, in the belief that they're the bad guys and that Hitler's just misunderstood. If he believes that, there's a tower in Paris I'd like to sell him.

Despite his unenviable condition on the cover, it would appear that Union Jack gains lightning powers from Thor in this issue.

Do they last?

It seems unlikely - but Baron Blood'll be in trouble if they do.

Things aren't going too well for Ms Marvel. She's on the lookout for a missing Daily Bugle reporter but finds herself up against a race of lizard people. From whence they appeared, I could not say.

Marvel's desperate attempt to make a star of Jack of Hearts continues, as he gets a story in Marvel Premiere.

Apparently, it's because we demanded it.

I'm not sure we did.

I can guarantee the artist certainly didn't.

After several issues supplying us with lashings of Star-Lord, Marvel Preview takes a turn for the darker.

It would appear that at least one of the included tales is by Don McGregor who quit Marvel around this time and is thus uncredited.

Marvel Two-in-One celebrates its third annual by teaming up the Thing with Nova.

I must confess to having no idea who the Monitors are but they look like trouble.

Tarzan finds himself in Pellucidar.

Hold on. Isn't that where Doug McClure lives?

I don't have a clue if this comic's any good - nor if Scrappy-Doo's in it - but I suspect the Faceless Phantom will turn out to be the janitor.

I think we can guess which movie's being parodied in this issue.

I genuinely have no idea what's going on in this one but that robot looks like he means business.


Anonymous said...

The only Hodiah Twist appearance I ever read was that Killraven story with the computer virtual reality simulation, Steve.
But I have read the Lilith story from that issue of Marvel Preview courtesy of Bronze Age of Blogs; its by Steve Gerber and, despite being drawn by the mighty Gene Colan, is as good as its title "Death By Disco" suggests.

I remember Doug McClure from such films as At The Earths Core and The Land That Time Forgot. They were terrible.
Tarzan #17 was a bit iffy too, the third part of an ongoing storyline that consisted of little more than pulp cliches - jungles, a hollow earth with dinosaurs, Abdul Alhazred the Mad Arab etc etc. You'd think drawn by John Buscema that kind of thing would make for a great comic anyway, but it didn't.
(Oh dear, that was all a bit negative about the comics this time round).


Anonymous said...

PS Now I think about it, when the Iron Fist comic was cancelled and he was added to Power Man is that the only time US Marvel did a (sort of) merger?


Charlie Horse 47 said...

Steve, Sean, et al.

You DO know that the international Porridge Championship Cook Off was this past weekend in the UK??? I would think that supersedes all talk of comics?

I guess Norridge got an award for the best cheer!

When are the Conkers championships this year?

Steve - you taking in the billiards/ snookers championships in Sheffield this year?

Russ said...

Anonymous, the month after Black Widow was kicked out of Amazing Adventures she showed up to co-star in Daredevil, which became (on the covers at least) Daredevil and the Black Widow.

Anonymous said...

Cheers Russ - can't believe I forgot about the Black Widow in DD (although I wouldn't have realized that began the month after her Amazing Adventures run).
It does seem odd that there wasn't more of that kind of thing in US comics though, given how many new titles were short-lived in the 70s.
It happened all the time with British comics, but they were pretty much all anthologies which I suppose are easier to merge. Power Man and Iron Fist were a pretty good fit but its hard to picture, say, a Deathlok and Night Nurse comic...

Charlie, thanks for the reminder that its World Porridge Day today - what would I have done without you to remind me?


Charlie Horse 47 said...

You probably would have run afoul of the Norridge Porridge Police by eating Corn Flakes? Shame, shame, shame...!

Charlie Horse 47 said...

Actually, as I look at the covers again, apparently not in alpha order, me thinks staring at a a bowl of oatmeal / porridge would be more interesting?

Steve W. said...

Sean, that Killraven story is the only place where I've ever encountered Hodiah Twist as well.

As for Doug McClure, I shall never grow tired of his movies.

Charlie, I'm afraid I was totally oblivious to the existence of the International Porridge Championship Cook Off.

As for the World Snooker Championships, while I'm happy that it takes place in my home city, I haven't actually watched it since some time in the late 1980s. Once they stopped the players turning up drunk, its appeal faded for me.

Killdumpster said...


There is no such thing as an unwatchable Doug McClure movie. That guy had talent & presence. Way underrated.

Killdumpster said...


The Land That Time Forgot is a delicious tasty chunk of cheesy cinema.
Though the efx were "bargain basement", the overall story & performances of the actors were quite remarkable.

If the producers could have afforded Ray Harryhauesn, the film would have been toe-to-toe with Valley of Gwangi as an incredible classic.

As it is, while McClure, the female lead & the German u-boat captain gave great performances I can understand why you would disregard the film over the creature effects.

They are a source of hilarious fun, now that we are jaded. A pterodactyl that can glide slowly down, grab a caveman in it's jaws, then go airborne without flapping its wings? Hysterical!!!

I can watch older grade B-Z films without being overtly critical of them because I understand the limitations the producers had. As long as the plot & script is decent, and the actors show up I'll usually enjoy it.

I didn't get to go to the movies much when I was a child. Guess that's a reason I read so much, including comics. Also probably why I have such a huge DVD & VHS library now.

Hey Steve-

I think I'm going to watch a Doug McClure double feature now. I'd invite you over for pizza & beer, but legistically that's impossible. Its the thought that counts.

Per the post:
Carol Danvers always looked good in that costume.

Jack of Hearts was really Capt Eye-Sore.

The Marvel-Two-in-One got read last, just because of Sal.

I read that Invaders issue first. Man, the covers were so inticing, even if I KNEW what was inside. Now that I think about it, at least F**** M***** didn't use the same poses over & over like Sal did.

Everybody should hoarse food & water right now. The world is ending soon. I just... gave...HIM...a... hugghk!..backhanded...uuurk.. compliment.. dddriiiggglllzzz...

Killdumpster said...

Meant "horde food & water", and I hope everyone knows I was joking.

I know some people that are still going thru their Y2K rations.LOL! The Human civilization is pretty resilient, like cockroaches.

Killdumpster said...

Oatmeal/porridge can be a flavorful, healthy hot breakfast, especially on a cold
winter morning.

You can virtually do anything to it. If you like it sweet, outside of sugar, there's honey, maple syrup or molasses.

I like it with a spat of butter, honey & banana slices.

Also with walnuts and/or almonds & maple syrup.

Oatmeal is a supposively very good for heart health, as is maybe Cheeri-O's.

"I'm not a doctor, but I play one on tv" lol!

Charlie Horse 47 said...

If I were inclined, I would write an ode to porridge. Been eating if for breakfast every weekday since like 1985.

I only buy the organic oats now, since I learned they spray the conventional oats with Roundup a few days before harvest to kill them. That way they are easier to harvest since they are dead / stiff vs. green/pliable, so I understand. I just couldn't stand the idea of eating Roundup...

But I just put walnuts or hazelnuts or almonds. Then I add some raisins or cranberries. If I don't like what I see in the mirror, I steal some of my sons protein powder and add a scoop or two.

But what I really been enjoying is adding those raw, organic cacao nibs! Yea baby! That's the ticket!

I let the mess soak in boiling water and eat it as I'm bombing down the highway to work. It's pretty easy since the highway is straight, so I can eat with my hands and steer with my knees.

Anonymous said...

Kd, obvious fake dinosaurs aren't a deal breaker for me, so its not the fx - I actually watched the Land That Time Forgot when it was on tv here not so long ago because I'd found out that the screenplay was by Michael Moorcock; so I thought, you know, maybe I'd got it wrong years ago, but no - it was definitely terrible.
Valley of the Gwangi is alright (and, as it happens, 1,000,000 Years BC is one of my favourite films) but I seriously dislike Land That Time Forgot. Of course, that doesn't mean anyone else has to.

Have you read the Marvel comics adaptation? (Not that I have any high expectations for it - just curious because I've never met or heard of anyone who's even seen a copy)


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