Thursday, 27 February 2020

February 27th, 1980 - Marvel UK, 40 years ago this week.

Do you remember the British Rock and Pop Awards?

I do.

Admittedly, I remember them as being the original incarnation of the BRIT Awards before their name got shortened to its current form. However, in a shock revelation, heavy research has told me there was no connection at all between the two ceremonies and that the pair of them co-existed for several years, one broadcast on the BBC and the other on ITV.

All of which brings us to this night in 1980, when the second-ever British Rock and Pop Awards took place.

Information about them is difficult to find but I can reveal that, amongst those handing out trophies were the Barron Knights, Kate Bush, Marianne Faithfull, Andy Gibb and Leo Sayer. I know that, if I were an international superstar, I'd love to receive an award from the Barron Knights.

Details of the winners are sketchy but it's known the main recipients that evening were Kate Bush, Paul McCartney, Gary Numan, the Police and Jerry Dammers of the Specials.

Those people were all basking in the glow of triumph but, over on the UK singles chart, there was only one winner, that week. And that was Blondie, the band who ascended to claim the Number One slot, with Atomic.

Over on the LP chart, a far more venerable act was stealing centre stage, as the Shadows claimed the top spot with their collection of covers A String of Hits.

Star Wars Weekly #105

I must confess I know nothing of this week's contents.

I'm certain there's a Star Wars story in it and I assume there's a tale of the Watcher and yet more thrills and spills from Deathlok, as he continues trying to find whoever it is he's trying to find.

Doctor Who Weekly #20, Daleks

Happily, I know far more about this comic's contents.

In the main story, The Star Beast, the Doctor's about to be on the receiving end of surgery from a bunch of aliens who want to hide a bomb in his stomach. God alone knows how they got a license to practise medicine.

We also get an article looking back at the careers of some of the Doctor's deadliest monsters, including the Cybermen.

Elsewhere, we get more of Marvel's adaptation of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, a text adaptation of the insane William Hartnell serial The Chase and more from Abslom Daak: Dalek Killer.

Spectacular Spider-Man Weekly #364, Dr Octopus

And it's another one whose contents are a mystery to me.

I don't even know what the Spidey story is this week, other than that it contains the multi-armed menace of Dr Octopus.

Personally, I don't recall any Doc Ock tales from this period and, so, I can't even say what the villain's up to. Is the gallivanting gastropod going to be making yet another attempt to marry Aunt May?

Who can know?

Incredible Hulk Weekly #52, Scorpio vs the Defenders

In this issue's main story, the Fantastic Four are gearing up for their first-ever encounter with the Hulk in a tale from so early in the Marvel era that they're not even convinced the monster really exists.

The Black Knight's still helping elves fight the forces of evil. That's Elves, not Elvis. I would personally pay good money to watch the Black Knight help Elvis battle the forces of evil.

Elsewhere, the Beast clashes with Iron Man - and, thanks to the brain-bending machinations of Mastermind, thinks he's killed him!

In his own strip, the Hulk's crash-landed in somewhere or other, for the start of yet another tale.

And the Defenders are still trying to rescue Jack Norriss from Scorpio, all while trying to avoid being killed by the Hulk, after having done everything they can to get the brute fighting-mad.


dangermash said...

I've no idea what happens in it but Ire kin that Spider-Man Doc Ock story is from ASM Annual #13.

I remember the rock and pop awarded were initially sponsored by Radio 1, Nationwide (the TV program) and the Daily Mirror. A strange combination. And all three sponsors had their own special award. Nationwide viewers voted for top family entertainment act and Mirror readers voted (I think) for top personality. Radio 1 listeners didn't get to vote but Radio 1 DJs voted for some sort of lifetime achievement award, sending out a subliminal we know more about music than you message and presenting a trophy to someone that nobody had heard of.

dangermash said...

Ire kin —> I think

Steve W. said...

It was always a bit strange, the idea of the likes of Dave Lee Travis, Steve Wright and Adrian Juste getting a vote instead of the public. I never got the feeling they were overly interested in music.

Killdumpster said...

The Beast vs Iron Man tale, originally printed in Amazing Adventures, had some action-packed scenes.

Then again, as I've stated before, that run was my favorite portrayal of the Beast.

Killdumpster said...

Whatever happened to Jack Norris? All I can remember is him pining over the Valkery, and becoming some sort of spy.

And you guys think Rick Jones was an annoying supporting character. Lol.

Anonymous said...

Nobody knows what happened to Jack Norris. He extorted Kyle Richmond, tried to infiltrate the presidential campaign of Ruby Thursday, got captured by Scorpio, rescued by the Defenders, and then was told by Hellcat to forget about his wife Barbara, she was gone.
Kind of a gloomy exit, I suppose. But he was truly a sidekick for the '70's. Cynical, obsessive, self-obsessed, and even when well intentioned he managed to screw the pooch.
But he did try to talk some sense into Scorpio, for all the good it did.
He meant well. Even when Scorpio gave him the warm can of beer.


Anonymous said...

I too thought the British Rock & Pop Awards and the BRITS were the same thing. I remember the BRAPA in 1989 when the live ceremony was a complete shambles and it was decided that future ceremonies would be recorded before being broadcast so they could edit out any embarrassing bits.

Timothy Field said...

Steve, your Elvis vs the forces of evil needs can be met and surpassed with the movie Bubba Ho-Tep. You can thank me later.

Steve W. said...

Tim, you are completely right. I'd forgotten about Bubba Ho-Tep.

Colin, it's nice to know I wasn't the only one who got them mixed up.

KD and MP, poor old Jack. Then again, I suppose he did bring it on himself by getting involved with that supernatural cult in that Hulk comic he first appeared in.

Anonymous said...

People who join supernatural cults in comics have the worst luck!


Charlie Horse 47 said...

People who take drugs to get rid of their spider powers have even worse luck, MP.

That being said, I'm glad whoever drew the Spidey cover above didn't draw the covers to ASM 100 - 102! I've never seen a less menacing menace with 8 appendages!

Anonymous said...

Was the "Dalek Slayer" a flight of stairs, or maybe a two-by-four nailed to the floor?

Cthulhu/Dagon 2020! Make R'lyeh great again!


Killdumpster said...

Bubba-Hotel is a wonderful piece of work. I highly recommend.

I met the director, Don Coscerelli (of Phantasm fame, films recommended also). Really friendly guy. We spoke for nearly an hour. He said working with Bruce Campbell was a gas.

He signed a baseball for me, drawing the blades from the Phantasm spheres on the side. So cool.

Amazingly enough I ran into Reggie Bannister, the star of the Phantasm movies & who played a doctor in Bubba-Hotep, just a couple months later.

His band was going to play at a club I was drinking at. I helped them lug in their equipment, and he signed a baseball for me also.

He said,"Where the hell did you get a new baseball in Pittsburgh at midnight?!"

Told'em I keep a half dozen in my vehicle for when I run into celebrities.

Autographs on something outside of their genre are worth more. Not that I'd ever sell'em. My sisters can when I pass.

Plus, they never ask for money to do it! They think it's a blast to sign a baseball.

Anonymous said...

Who isn't a fan of Bruce Campbell?


Killdumpster said...

Bruce Campbell has to be my favorite living actor.

Outside of the Evil Dead related films/tv shows, his various films (was so angry that they killed him off in the Maniac Cop series),appearances, & cameos are always a welcome addition.

I was so happy when they released Brisco County Jr. on DVD.

Brisco County Jr. should've had more than one season, but I guess it was too good for the mainstream.

Killdumpster said...

If any of you folks never experienced Brisco County Jr., it was like the original Wild Wild West 60's tv show (spys/cowboys), only with more humor & loads of irony.

Big recommend.