Tuesday, 9 February 2021

The Marvel Lucky Bag - February 1981.

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February 1981 was something of a desert for movie releases but it did, at least, see the release of Fort Apache, the Bronx which is a film I don't think I've ever seen, despite its fame.

However, Wikipedia informs me it was the inspiration for Hill Street Blues, which is clearly a good thing.

The other movie notable, that month, was Sphinx.

Sadly, that seems to have been notable for all the wrong reasons, with critics having derided the Lesley-Anne Down, Frank Langella and John Gielgud packed archaeology thriller.

Moon Knight #4

Moon Knight's up against The Committee who might sound like they should be running a northern working men's club but are serious wrong-doers, as proven by the fact they first showed up in Werewolf by Night.

And, indeed, that werewolf who is by night makes a cameo appearance here, by virtue of a flashback.

Micronauts #26, Nick Fury and Hydra

I don't really know much, when it comes to this issue's contents but it features Nick Fury, SHIELD, Hydra and the return of Baron Karza. So, who would dare ignore it?

Not me. That's why it's included here.

Plus, Daredevil takes on Johnny Punk in this month's Hostess fruit pie ad!

Defenders #92, Eternity

Here's a cover which makes appealing use of white space.

And, speaking of space, the Defenders aren't going there.

Instead, they must scour the globe, in order to find three missing pieces of Eternity.

How convenient it is that they're all on Earth, meaning the gang don't have to travel very far.

What If? #25, the Avengers

Odin bans Thor from marrying Jane Foster - again. So, Thor does the reasonable thing, rounds up the Avengers and sets out to invade Asgard.

This leads to Odin putting Loki in charge of the realm's military and, once all the fighting's done, Thor and Odin spend the rest of their lives feeling miserable.

I've no news of Loki's emotional state.

Meanwhile, in the back-up strip, the Watcher reveals the origin of the Eternals and their legendary Uni-Mind.

Marvel Premiere #58, Doctor Who

Still aiming to wow the American comic-reading masses, the Doctor confronts the menace of the Iron Legion, while the back-up strip discovers K-9 engaged in thrilling solo action.

Hulk magazine #25

By the looks of it, the Hulk's off to the circus. And, for once, it doesn't seem to be the Circus of Crime.

Dominic Fortune also has a story in this issue. It's called Slay Bells. Whether that indicates it's a Christmas story, I could not say.


Colin Jones said...

The movie 'Sphinx' was adapted from a novel by Robin Cook (no, not the late Labour politician). I haven't read Sphinx (or seen the film) but I have read three other Robin Cook novels - Brain, Fever and Coma.

Anonymous said...

‘Sphinx’ also had terrific poster art by the great Bob Peak. I seem to remember there being a huge publicity push for the movie. You got the feeling someone REALLY wanted Lesley Anne Down to be the Next Big Thing. But it didn’t happen, obviously.

I didn’t buy any of these comics off the rack. I do have that HULK! comic but I think I acquired it later, for the Chaykin back-up.


Charlie Horse 47 said...

Fort Apache the Bronx... IIRC it was well known but was considered "mediocre?" My recall of the promotional commercials was it relied heavily on Paul Newman to sell it but it seemed like an out-of-character role for him. Cool Hand Luke -Great. Cop - not so great.

Wonder if the idea germinated from that TV series where Henry Fonda was a family man cop in "The Smith Family" about 10 years earlier.

Charlie Horse 47 said...

You know Steve... that Sunday posting of the DeZuniga cover on DC's "Falling in Love" 121 makes me wonder what his version of The Defenders cover would have looked like. I mean it has that late 1960s groovy feel.

You've unlocked Pandora's Box and given us a peak Steve! Hope for more non-Marvel (and non-DC) musings!

Graham said...

Fort Apache was good, but very dark and violent. Paul Newman and Ken Wahl were the leads and Pam Grier played a supporting role that was positively chilling from what I remember....haven't seen it in over 30 years, but I remember some of her deeds. Didn't realize it was the inspiration for Hill Street Blues, but it makes sense now.

Anonymous said...

Dr Who by Frank Miller on that Marvel Premiere cover, and with interior artwork by Dave Gibbons of course. If readers weren't wowed by that in 1981 surely they would be coming across that as a back issue later?

The Dominic Fortune back up in the Hulk mag is set at Christmas, Steve - our hero picks the wrong side and saves the British ambassador from an Irish assassin disguised as Santa at a party. Denny O'Neil letting the side down there really...


Steve W. said...

Sean, thanks for the Dominic Fortune info. It sounds like the plot of the worst Ferrero Roche advert ever.

Graham, thanks for the Fort Apache info. I'm not totally sure if I've seen it or not.

Charlie, that DeZuniga cover also popped into my head when I saw that Defenders image.

Sadly, I don't think I'm familiar with the Henry Fonda series.

Colin and B.t, I definitely have to make the effort to see Sphinx.

Stanley said...

Looks like a very lucky bag to me. Epic stuff.