Sunday, 22 May 2022

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law . Official Teaser Trailer.

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In the last few days, we've been hit by the news we've all been desperate for.

The She-Hulk's finally made it to the screen.

And it's the small screen which will, no doubt, make her seem even bigger!

It's true. Bruce Banner's favourite cousin's been granted her own series on Disney+. One that'll start streaming from August 17th.

And, thanks to that, there's a teaser trailer to watch which should be visible at the very top of this post.

What are my thoughts on it?

Well, not many. It doesn't reveal that much about what kind of action we can look forward to or what story arcs to expect but, in line with the character's comic book history, it seems a highly flippant series. Will that flippancy make it a cult classic or will it force the show to derail itself when it comes to delivering actual drama? Only time will tell.

Judging by social media, everyone seems to hate its CGI but it seems OK to me, and only a raving lunatic watches any TV show for the visual effects.

But what's this? Is that the Abomination I spy at 1:25? This is the one thing that does excite me. After all, who doesn't want to see a bit more of Abby in their life?

Those are my thoughts on the matter. You are, of course, free to supply your own, thanks to the comments section below.


Redartz said...

Might have to give it a try. I didn't care about the character as first introduced, but as a member of the Fantastic Four and later the Avengers, she really grew on me (pun intended). She was kind of refreshing, as she didn't take herself all that seriously. A bit of comic in a comic book can be a good thing...

Matthew McKinnon said...

I mean. I haven’t got a Disney+ subscription and it’s not making much of a case for changing that.

Colin Jones said...

Unlike Redartz I really liked the original version of She-Hulk when she was accused of murder and on the run. I bought a number of issues of the original series and I was disappointed when it ended. All the flippancy and fourth wall-breaking stuff came later when the character was re-invented and gets a bit tiresome as far as I'm concerned.

Anonymous said...

From what I've seen of the Marvel films and tv series, the trailers are really the best way to enjoy them - you get the most striking bits and the general gist of how they've approached the adaptation but don't have to sit through the dumb plots and tedious cgi fight scenes.

So I thought She-Hulk was ok. Thanks Steve.


Anonymous said...

Steve, thank you for that very interesting post. So I cannot see it at this moment due to various firewalls, I have seen on various blogs that the price of She Hulk Comics is going up up and up after lingering in the dollar bins for the last several decades, lol

Anonymous said...

My oldest sister happens to be a lawyer and a monster at the same time, so the concept of She-Hulk sort of makes sense to me.


Anonymous said...

Watching that trailer reminds me that I didn't get around to watching the final season of Orphan Black. I'll probably give it try once it starts (She Hulk not Orphan Black) and hope its a big improvement on Moon Knight which I wasn't at all fussed over.


McSCOTTY said...
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McSCOTTY said...

Nice trailer, like some others I don't have a Disney sub (Netflix and Prime are more than enough for me). I've actually watched very few superhero TV series (except animations)since Hulk in the 1970s as they never really appealed to me and there are so many out there (including films). I wonder when the superhero bubble will burst it just seems a bit overkill to me.