Sunday 17 September 2023

2000 AD - August 1985.

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August 1985 was a mixed month, to say the least, for aviation.

On the plus side, it saw the selection of Takao Doi, Mamoru Mohri and Chiaki Mukai to be Japan's first astronauts.

On the downside, there were not one but three airplane disasters.

The first was the crash of Japan Airlines Flight 123 which killed 520 people including Japanese singer Kyu Sakamoto, making it the worst single-aircraft disaster in history.

Days later, at Manchester Airport, the left engine of British Airtours Flight 28M caught fire while on its takeoff roll, causing 55 people to die while trying to evacuate the vehicle.

And, just days after that, Bar Harbor Airlines Flight 1808 crashed in the United States, killing all eight on board, including thirteen-year-old American celebrity schoolgirl Samantha Smith.

Meanwhile, the cinemas of the world were being introduced to a whole slew of new movies. Among the most well-known of which were Fright Night, Weird Science, Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, Return of the Living Dead and Teen Wolf.

Of those, I believe I've seen Fright Night, Weird Science and Return of the Living Dead. The latter of which being the one I recall enjoying most.

When it came to music, August kicked off with Madonna ruling the UK singles chart, thanks to her dancerrific Into the Groove. But, before the month was out, it had been deposed by the rather more sedate I Got You, Babe from UB40 and Chrissie Hynde.

On the British album chart, the month began with Dire Straits' Brothers in Arms on top before that was forced to make way for Now That's What I Call Music 5, back in the days when NOW albums were allowed on the official chart.

"That's all well and good," I hear you cry, "but what of the galaxy's greatest comic?"

It has to be said there wasn't a lot new on offer from it, with the book containing the usual fare of Strontium Dog, Tharg's Future-Shocks, Judge Dredd, Ace Trucking Co, Rogue Trooper and Sláine - although Prog 430 did feature a brief six-page return for Nemesis before that particular space warlock disappeared again, the following week.

2000 AD Prog 429, Rogue Trooper

2000 AD Prog 430

2000 AD Prog 431, Roger Trooper

2000 AD Prog 432, Judge Dredd

2000 AD Prog 433, Judge Dredd


Anonymous said...

Is Melton Mowbray really actually famous for Pork Pies?

Colin Jones said...

I can't think of anything else Melton Mowbray is famous for! But most pork pies aren't Melton Mowbray pies. I had a pork pie last week produced by the 'Pork Farms' brand which had nothing to do with Melton Mowbray.

Steve W. said...

Mystery Anonymous Person, I agree with Colin. The only words that leap into my mind when I hear the words "Melton" and "Mowbray" are "pork" and "pie." Although, in all honesty, I don't actually know why the place is so strongly associated with that food.

Come to think of it, I don't even know where it is and would have no way of pointing to it on a map.

Now I'm starting to wonder if it really exists or is just a place of legend, like Shangri-La.

dangermash said...

Melton Mowbray's in Leicestershire, surrounded by Leicester, Nottingham. Grantham and Stamford.

There was a question on Richard Osman's House Of Games not too long ago where celebrity contestants had to locate in on a map of the U.K. They didn't do well.

Steve W. said...

Dangermash, thanks for that info.

I've now looked at Melton Mowbray on Google Maps. I'm intrigued to see it's only 15 miles away from Gotham.

Steve W. said...

For anyone who wants to know what Gotham's like when Batman's not there, here it is:

dangermash said...

Apologies for having to link to The Scum but I think this shows Gotham City is somewhere down Oxford way.

Anonymous said...

Off at a tangent:


Charlie Horse 47 said...

Gents - I was inquiring about pork pies due to a rabbit hole I first fell down 2-3 years ago.

Paul Hawksbee of Talk Sport mentioned that everyone around York (Yorkshire?) wore flat caps like in Lassie.

Curious, I watched a bit of Lassie (with Liz Taylor) and the men were wearing flat caps. Also Lassie's unfriendly owner stated that "everyone from York is a dog thief."

Googling Yorkshire dog thieves, I noticed that a large Brit ex-pat community had dog thieving problems in Normandy, France, and they noticed license plates belonging to York.

Being a bit of a Francophile (former wife of 30 years) and still desirous to live in France for months at a time when I retire, I followed this community on Facebook.

Yesterday, whilst doing my morning constitutional, a Brit wrote about driving home and being so happy he only had two fivers in his wallet b/c he happened to realize he was driving through Melton Mowbray and thought it would be really cool to get a Pork Pie at Ye Olde Pork Pie Shoppe. He said it was absolutely disgusting with grey, unidentifiable meat. B/c it cost 6 pounds, he could only buy 1 because he only had 10 pounds on him. That's why he was happy he had only 2 fivers and I then asked about the town to see if this guy was serious or bullshitting.


Colin Jones said...

Staying on the subject of food, Tesco is now selling mince pies, Christmas cake and Christmas puddings. Summer doesn't officially end until the Autumn Equinox on Saturday morning so if you fancy having a mince pie in summertime now's your chance!

Anonymous said...


1.) With pork pies, most complainers comment on the the jelly, not the meat.

2.) Some pork pies have grey meat, whilst others have slightly red/pink meat.

3.) A pork pie's best part is the pastry/crust, not the meat or jelly. But, eating more than one or two, it's a bit 'rich', in taste.

4.) Pork pies are(were?) fairly cheap & portable - so good for picnics, etc - in moderation.

5.) At small catered events, such as weddings & funerals, an excess of pork pies, on your spread, may mean the caterer is profiteering, them being cheap (worse still, if they are the leftovers from the previous catered event!)

6.) £6 for a pork pie is daylight robbery! The sports guy was also probably complaining because Melton Mowbray is a supposedly reputable brand - and it was crap - as opposed to the cheaper supermarket pork pies most people buy.

7.) Whether or not the sports guy is bullshitting is indicated largely by the tone of his voice.



Anonymous said...

Charlie is still bemused you gents eat pork
Pies at sporting events rather than tube steaks (hot dogs, polish sausage, bratwurst…) which seem much easier to handle!

Colin Jones said...

Charlie, you don't eat pork??

Phillip, the crust on some pork pies is horrible such as on Tesco's own-brand pork pie which is greasy but the crusts on their own-brand mini pork pies (sold in packs of six) is nice. When buying a larger pork pie I go for the 'Pork Farms' brand which has quite a nice crust and not too much jelly.

Colin Jones said...

I've also tried a vegan "pork pie" which I don't recommend. I ate about half of it and then tipped the rest down the loo which I hated having to do because I have a very dim view of wasting food but on this occasion I felt I had no choice!

Anonymous said...

Colin - Yes, mini-pork pies are best, the crust to meat ratio being higher!