Sunday, 28 November 2010

Ditko, Romita & Andru. The art of spinning a line.

Amazing Spider-Man #69, John Romita
Faster than a flash of lightning, Spidey swings
into action, ready to punch Steve in the face
before he can do any more posts in the style of
Stan Lee!
ITEM. Hold onto your hats, true believers, because the results of our greatest-ever poll to find the finest, most magnificent, most majestic Spider-Man artist of the Silver and Bronze Ages are finally in! Steve Does Comics' favorite, Radial Ross Andru has one vote, Sizzling Steve Ditko has two votes -- but, with a universe-shaking five votes, Jazzy John Romita is our ever-lovin' winner! And remember, pilgrim, five votes is all it took to get George Washington elected first-ever President of the United States!* Smilin' Steve can see that extra head being carved on Mount Rushmore right now!

(*This claim may not be true! -- Factually Inaccurate Steve)

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