Friday, 10 June 2011

How to kill everyone you meet, for just $5. That's what I call a bargain.

How to become a ninja
As I roam the streets of Sheffield, people often say to me, "Steve, how come you're a man who can either fight or disappear?"

And I say to them, "It's simple. My entire body's an invincible killing machine."

"But how can I become an invincible killing machine?" they retort.

"It doesn't come easy," I tell 'em. "It takes years of study and dedication - reading issue after issue of Iron Fist."

"I: Ron Fist?" They say. "Who's Ron Fist?"

"You've never heard of Ron Fist?" I demand. "The greatest exponent of the martial arts there's ever been? Did Misty Knight lose her arm for nothing?"

But what a fool I was. If only I'd spotted this advert earlier, I could've become an invincible killing machine with just a fraction of the effort.

Yes. It's true. The 1970s really were so great that it was possible to become a lethal ninja simply by handing over $5.

I hereby nominate this as the best comic book advert ever - even better than the legendary one for Duke the adventure dog whose exploits I touched on here.

Reader, Please tell me you sent off for this very booklet. Please tell me it enabled you to become a man/woman who can defend him/herself even whilst asleep. Most of all, please tell me you've used its secrets to gain mastery of the deadly Retrievable Stone.

(Addendum: Don't forget to vote in the matter-of-life-or-death poll to discover who'd win a fight between a ninja and Charles Atlas.)


cerebus660 said...

I was too busy getting sand kicked in my eye on the beach to cut out the coupon...

Steve said...

I wonder who'd win a fight between a ninja and Charles Atlas?

I feel a poll coming on.

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