Monday, 12 December 2011

Iron Man's greatest ever enemy - Poll Results!

Iron Man #1, Gene Colan
It's time to plug your metal chest plate into the mains, hit the bottle and don a cravat because the results are in for our poll to find Iron Man's greatest ever foe.

Perhaps it comes as no shock that the winner - with a walloping 46% of the votes - was none other than the man with more rings than a nine-year-old sycamore; the Mandarin. The man they call Mandy picked up seven votes.

Second, with three votes, was a surprise to me. It's Man Bull, who, back in the days when I used to read Iron Man, was nowhere in sight. He was always too busy beating up Daredevil.

Third was that perennial wrong-doer Jack Daniels, with two votes.

Joint fourth were Titanium Man, Limited Battery Life and Dr Doom, with one vote each.

Sadly, Hypno-Robo-Neanderthal failed to register a single vote. He wuz robbed I tells ya. Robbed. And if he hadn't exploded, I've no doubt he'd say so too.


Don Hudson said...

I voted for the Mandarin. I wish he would make an appearance in the magazine again.

Steve W. said...

Do they no longer use him, Don?

I must admit I've not read a new Iron Man story for about fifteen years. Are Happy Hogan and Pepper Potts still in it?

If they've written out the Melter too, I shall never forgive them.

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