Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Marvel's greatest ever super-team - Poll Results!

Rampant democracy
There's only one thing in the world better than a super-hero.

And that's a whole bunch of super-heroes.

You can wrap it up how you like but there's no one quite like a super-team when you need someone chinning.

I'm delighted to announce, therefore, that, the next time I need someone sorted out, I'll know just which super-team to call upon - as the results are in from the poll that rocked the internet and forced the entire human race to re-assess its values.

That poll was the vote to discover just what is the greatest Marvel super-team of them all. Many were the contenders but, in the end, there could only be one winner.

And what a poll it was; with a massive 44 votes, making it easily the most voted-on poll in the history of Steve Does Comics. At this rate, there'll be more people voting in my polls than vote in this land's general elections, at which point I'll declare myself an independent sovereign state and punish all trespassers with death.

Joint sixth, with 1 vote each, were the Young Warriors, the Invaders and the West Coast Avengers.

I expected them to do much better, but fifth, with a mere 3 votes, were the X-Men.

A fantastic fourth, with 5 votes, were the Fantastic Four.

Third, with 8 votes, were the Defenders. With such popularity, surely a Defenders movie can only be a matter of time away.

Second, with 9 votes, were Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. With such popularity, surely a Stan Lee and Jack Kirby biopic can by only a matter of time away.

But the winner, with a walloping 16 votes, was the Avengers. With such popularity, surely a... ...oh, never mind.

As always, thanks to all who voted - and congratulations to the Avengers. Who would've thought, all those years ago, when the first Avengers comic was launched, that someday they'd be hailed as Marvel's greatest super-team? Well, everyone probably but, still, that doesn't lessen their achievement.


Bear Boy said...

Of course, coming off the back of a mega blockbuster movie didn't hurt Avengers' awareness levels for this poll.

Dougie said...

The Defenders more popular than the FF? Isaac Christians? Tapping Tommy? Dollar Bill? Sasafrass?!

This am not poll from Bizarro World?

Steve W. said...

I'm still reeling from how badly the X-Men did.

Boston Bill said...

Logic told me that it was between the Fantastic Four, X-Men and the Avengers. But my heart wouldn't let me click anything but the Defenders. If all four titles were side by side and I could only afford one, I KNOW it would have been the non-team!

R. W. Watkins said...

Hmmm.... The X-Men receive only three votes--the 1980s are most definitely over.

tharg said...

The Avengers were a shoe-in to win this but am happy The Defenders beat off string opposition to get the bronze medal.

Of course it wouldn't be very Defenders-ey to win outright!

Great showing by Stan and Jack as well.

southfolkman said...

Even being a die-hard FF fan, I'm content to let the Avengers have their moment of glory, it was a good movie after all. No idea why the Defenders are 3rd though, maybe their current comics are better than current FF. Back in the day they did nothing for me I'm afraid.

On the other hand, it's always good to see the X-Men given a good slapping, woo-hoo!

But I would say that the X-Men movies were better than the FF's. Surely the time has come for a best Marvel Movies poll? Or did I miss it?

Steve W. said...

Southfolkman, just for you, I shall do the movies question in the next poll I launch. :)

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