Monday, 30 July 2012

The greatest ever Marvel-based movie - Poll Results!

Rampant Democracy!
The Olympics may well be into full swing but there's been a far more important contest going on.

And that's the battle to be declared the greatest Marvel-based movie of them all.

It was so hard-fought a contest it was practically a recreation of the Ancient Greek Pankration; that charming free-for-all where you could do what you liked, as long as you didn't gouge each other's eyes out. Steve Does Comics has no time for such soft rules. It likes a good dirty fight, and has no doubt it got one.

But, from all this carnage, a winner emerged triumphant.

So here are those who've won, gold, silver and bronze. And those who had to settle for the dreaded Wooden Eyeball Scoop of Democracy.

In joint 9th, with one vote each, were Thor, Captain America, the Nick Fury TV movie and The Green Goblin's Last Stand.

In joint 4th, with two votes each, were X-Men 1st Class, Spider-Man (1977), Incredible Hulk (2008), X-Men 2 and Arnold Schwarzenegger's Conan.

In joint 2nd, with three votes each, were Iron Man and Spider-Man 2.

But, with a mighty ten votes, the winner was The Avengers. I have no doubt their triumph shall give them fresh heart as they look forward to facing yet more cinematic scoundrelly.

As always, thanks to all those who voted; and commiserations to our plucky losers.


Dougie said...

Thanks for including my vote. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that the low-fat version of The Ultimates won. And snoozy talk-talk-talky Spider-Man with the hah-larious Bruce Campbell? Are these the Counter-Earth versions that I haven't seen?

southfolkman said...

Having been credited in the creation of this poll (well, given a passing mention anyway) I promptly missed the opportunity to nominate my favourite movie. Luckily somebody else did, and I came by just in time to propel Iron Man, like a metalicized Rebecca Adlington, onto the podium.

tharg said...

Well done to The Avengers but I see this as a bitter defeat for X-men (2).

Back to the Danger Room for more extra training.

Oh well! Looking forward to a DC movies poll next.

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