Monday 7 January 2013

Jim Starlin's All-Time Top Ten Mighty World of Marvel Covers.

As we all know, in the 1970s, there was no one quite like Jim Starlin when it came to Cosmic-ing up comic books. It seemed like, given half-a-chance, he could even have turned the adventures of Roy Race into an intergalactic epic.

But the man they call Judo Jim had a more important part to play in comic book history than even that.

That's because, for several months, he was the main cover artist on Marvel UK's flagship title Mighty World of Marvel. This was before his cosmic heyday but, even in the early 1970s, the seeds of his future greatness were there for everyone to see.

Therefore, Steve Does Comics gives its not in the slightest bit definitive list of Jim Starlin's ten greatest Mighty World of Marvel covers.

Remember, this list is compiled without the aid of insight, taste or expert knowledge and makes no claims to being at all right in its opinions.

Mighty World of Marvel #12, Jim Starlin cover
Spidey comes up against a surprisingly stylishly dressed Lizard, while the floating heads of the Fantastic Four and the Hulk look suitably startled.

Mighty World of Marvel #21, Jim Starlin cover
That bounder Dr Doom's up to no good - both of him.
Daredevil's so sickened by it all that he can't resist throwing away his stick.
He'll regret that later. You never known when you might need a stick.

Mighty World of Marvel #15, Jim Starlin cover
It's Doom vs Spidey.
Do my razor-sharp senses spot a helping hand from Jazzy John Romita on the figure of Spider-Man?

Mighty World of Marvel #7, Jim Starlin cover
The Hulk gets zapped.

Mighty World of Marvel #22, Jim Starlin cover
It's brain vs brawn, as the Leader causes his usual mischief.

Mighty World of Marvel #13, Jim Starlin cover
How can the FF possibly hope to defeat both the Sub-Mariner and Dr Doom?
I reckon they'll be fine as long as no one tries to launch the Baxter Building into outer space.

Mighty World of Marvel #4, Jim Starlin cover
This was the first issue of Mighty World of Marvel I ever read - and what a way to start, as Spidey battles the FF.

Mighty World of Marvel #24, Jim Starlin cover
The FF vs the Hulk.
Daredevil's throwing his stick away again.
Will he never learn?

Mighty World of Marvel #44, Jim Starlin cover
If the sight of the Hulk smashing through a wall doesn't make you want to buy a comic, then what would?

Mighty World of Marvel #20, Jim Starlin cover
Spidey might have quit the comic but a new hero's introduced to readers, as Daredevil makes his entrance.

All scans from the Grand Comics Database


Kid said...

Great covers indeed - and I've got every one (as well as the rest of the comics, obviously).

Rip Jagger said...

Lovely covers. Real treasures of the early Starlin. I almost ran this almost exact feature a few days ago. You did it better.

Rip Off

Dandy Forsdyke said...

Those covers take me back to the early 70's and ordering my weekly comics from my local newsagents (after #3 was sold out - I never did get it.) I don't think I was aware of Jim Starlin at the time.

Interesting to see one of those DD figures is a Romita paste job that's been re-coloured from the original all-red.

Steve W. said...

Sorry for stealing your thunder, Rip. You should definitely go ahead and do that feature anyway. It'll be interesting to see how your cover choices compare with mine.

Comicsfan said...

I can buy star-spawned might, but "swamp-spawned might"? Isn't that sort of like saying, "You're helpless against the landfill-spawned might of--the Old Refrigerator!!"