Saturday, 2 March 2013

Fifty years ago today - March 1963.

A wise man once declared, "Beware the Ides of March!"

But it's the ideas of March we're interested in right now, as it's time to look back at what our favourite Marvel heroes were up to exactly fifty years ago.

And, as we'll see, it turned out to be a significant month indeed for our ever-expanding company.

Amazing Spider-Man #1, the Fantastic Four

Spider-Man finally gets his own comic and celebrates by giving the Fantastic Four a punch in the bracket.
Incredible Hulk #6, the Metal Master

Just as Spider-Man's comic makes its debut, so the Incredible Hulk's bows out, as we see the last issue of that title until the late 1960s.
Fantastic Four #12, the Hulk

It's even more bad news for the Hulk. Not only is his comic about to be cancelled but now he's got the Fantastic Four after him.

What with facing Spider-Man and the Hulk, it was clearly a packed month for our heroes.
Strange Tales #106, the Human Torch

And it's about to get even busier - because now they find themselves up against the unstoppable menace of the Acrobat.

But, I mean, seriously, how on Earth can a man who can fly and has his own built-in flame-thrower possibly hope to prevail against a man who can do forward rolls?
Tales to Astonish #41, Ant-Man

Poor old Ant-Man. Every month seems to heap a fresh new indignity upon a man who now finds himself helpless in the face of a spent matchstick and a cricket.

Why do I get the feeling that next month's cover'll see him menaced by a blob of chewing gum?
Tales of Suspense #39, the origin of Iron Man

Spidey isn't the only one making his debut this month - because March 1963 also sees the arrival of Iron Man.

And, miraculously, he manages to get through the entire issue without once fighting the Fantastic Four.
Journey into Mystery #90, Thor and the Carbon Copy Man

Can even Thor prevail against the Carbon Copy Man?

More to the point, looking at him, who exactly is he supposed to be a carbon copy of?


Kid said...

I've got Spider-Man #1. Just thought I'd boast about it.

Steve W. said...

That's nothing. I light my cigars with pages I've torn from Spider-Man #1.

Boston Bill said...

This is starting to look like the Marvel Universe.

They've got enough guys to form the Avengers now.

Kid said...

That's nothing. I wipe my @rse with the banknotes left over from the ones I used to buy my Spider-Man #1. (Can't understand why Sainsbury's won't accept them.)

Kid said...

Meant to say - I've also got Tales of Suspense #39.

Unknown said...

I actually quite loved Iron Man's initial "iron" coloured get-up. And the first round of the Thing vs. the Hulk! Yum.