Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Forty years ago today - March 1973.

The old March of Time newsreels always tried to get clever by telling us, "Time marches on!"

They could, of course, not stand comparison with the majesty of Pathé News's giant chicken. But still Steve Does Comics marches bravely into the third month of 2013, with a look at what our favourite Marvel heroes were up to exactly forty years ago this month.

Conan the Barbarian 24, Red Sonja, Barry Windsor Smith

It's Bazza's last issue of Conan, as Red Sonja gets stuck in like a good 'un.
Captain America and the Falcon #159

I assume this is the issue where Cap gets super-strength?
Daredevil and the Black Widow, Dark Messiah

My memory fails me. Were the Dark Messiah and Angar the Screamer the same character in different guises? And did everything go all wibbly-wobbly in the local park?
Incredible Hulk 161, the Beast and the Mimic

The Hulk takes on the Beast in the only original copy of his mag that I ever owned as a youth.

Maybe that's why I've always liked it so much.
Fantastic Four #132, Omega

Omega's up to no good.

Does a giant Ultron turn up at the end of this? Or am I mixing it up with another story?
Iron Man #56

I detect the handiwork of Jim Starlin on that cover but have no recall of the comic's actual contents.
Thor at Stone Henge, The Druid

Blinky blonky blimey, guv'nor. That blinking Yank thunder god's shown his boat race in good old Blighty and found himself up against a bally druid wot never ages.

That'd be Ken Barlow then.

And he didn't even have time to finish his jellied eels and stand round the old joanna for a sing-song.

I like to feel that perfectly captures the speech patterns of all Britishers who appear in this tale.

G'day, cobbers.

Oh, no, that's no good. I've turned Australian.

Still, never mind. British, Australian - they all sound the same to me, yer galah.
Avengers #109, Hawkeye quits

This is the one where Hawkeye proves how stupid he is by helping a super-villain become all but unbeatable.
Amazing Spider-Man #118, the Disruptor and the Smasher

The Distruptor's still showing he doesn't quite get democracy, as New York's mayoral campaign rumbles on.


tharg said...

For me, CTB #24 is the greatest comic of all time.

Conan and Sonja, Roy and Barry... what a combo.

I am a huge Buscema fan but I have never read anything where the art and story are so perfect together.

I own an original now but first read in this in The Avengers (UK) annual 1979.

The series of panels where Sonja watches Conan climb up the tower is just stunning (it was years later I learnt the true meaning of "Ka nama ka lajerama...what the wizard actually sees in the mirror (this was way before I had read any REH)....the first panel with Sonja dancing...mesmerising.

Gey Blabby said...

It's just a shame that they stuck the title on the bottom of the Conan cover and spoiled the composition.

Kid said...

You're mixing it up with another story. The giant Ultron appeared in Avengers #127, which continued in FF #150.

Lee Beatens said...

I think the cover of Iron Man might have been by Gene Colan and not Jim Starlin. But I could be wrong.

Enjoyed seeing these vintage covers!

Steve W. said...

Lee. Nice to hear from you. I've just checked with the Grand comics Database and they're crediting it to Jim Starlin and Joe Sinnott:

Kid, Thanks for the info.

Tharg and Gey, thanks for your thoughts and for your time. :)

Simayl said...

The Hulk issue is a nostalgic favourite of mine too. I re-read it last year and itt is still great, as most Hulk tales from the Trimpe era are!

Dougie said...

The only one of these I actually owned at the time was Conan. My mum bought it for me to read at the dentist. Naturally, she had no idea what the contents were like.
I remember showing it to my school pal Andrew Gilmour because of the word "w*nk". I didn't actually know what it meant and neither did Roy Thomas!

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