Sunday, 5 May 2013

Fifty years ago today - May 1963.

Egads! Can it be true? Barely has Christmas come and gone and already we're into the fifth month of the year!

That means it's time to find out how our plucky pugilists were faring in the only month ever to be named after a relative of Peter Parker.

Sadly, UncleBentember has yet to be officially sanctioned by the powers that be.

Needless to say, I insist on using it regardless. It's that month that comes between July and August. You know; that month.

Amazing Spider-Man #2, The Vulture and the Terrible Tinkerer

Speaking of the man himself, Spider-Man continues his fledgling career by, erm, attacking old age pensioners - as first the Vulture and then the Terrible Tinkerer feel the back of his hand.

The local nursing home must live in mortal fear when he's around.
Fantastic Four #14, the Sub-Mariner returns

Ooh blimey, it's all getting a bit bondage-tastic, as the Sub-Mariner kidnaps Sue Storm yet again.

See how she struggles to escape her ropes.

Or possibly not.
Journey Into Mystery #92, Loki is back

To be honest, if Thor really can't reach that hammer in the space of a few seconds, when it's no more than six feet away from him, I despair of him.

That's why I've always preferred the majesty of Thordis. Thordis would've grabbed that hammer and bashed Loki over the back of the head with it before he'd even had chance to finish his boasting.
Strange Tales #108, the Human Torch

The Human Torch once more finds himself up against a top-notch foe.

No doubt he'll easel-ly beat him.
Tales of Suspense #41, Dr Strange

I do remember being frightfully confused by this tale as a child.

Just why did Stan Lee decide to have a villain called Dr Strange when he already had a hero called Dr Strange?

Little did I know then that the evil Dr Strange predated the good Dr Strange by a good two months.

I wonder if they've ever come up against each other?

If not, I demand they do so forthwith.
Tales To Astonish #43, Ant-Man

"The one power even Ant-Man was helpless against!"

Let's be honest, you'd be hard pressed to find a power Ant-Man isn't helpless against.


Ant Master said...

The Ant Man story was repeated (probably more than once) in Captain America when the Red Skull thought it a good idea to weaken his foe.

I actually red that Human torch painter story as a kid in a B&W reprint. Quite liked it at the time.

Boston Bill said...

I had to google 'Thordis'


Steve W. said...

Thordis is my new heroine.

Matt Celis said...

Ah, back when comic books weren't afraid to be entertaining and weren't worried about being perceived as goofy...gotta love it. How did they get so far off course to the point that almost no one reads them? Yikes!

Steve W. said...

I do sometimes think Marvel should appoint an eleven year old as editor in chief. You can't help feeling comics would be more fun if they did.

John said...

Your absolute best comments, Steve, are when you describe the trials of poor Susan Storm. I just love it!

John said...

Actually, the cover to Fantastic Four #14 is a throw back to all those bondage covers from the Golden Age in the 1930's and 1940's. I have often wondered is Sue Storm has played the hostage or victim role as much as all other Marvel Super-Heroines combined and such might well be the case!

Steve W. said...

Hi, John. Thanks for the praise. :)

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