Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The Pulse-Pounding Monsters of Amazing Fantasy!

Amazing Fantasy is of course famous for one thing - being the birthplace of the Amazing Spider-Man.

But, before that, it was the home of monsters.

And, before that, it was called Amazing Adventures.

Well, being the fearless monster-hunter I am, that's all the excuse I need to see what kind of dread menaces that title had to offer in the days before Marvel discovered the selling power of super-heroes.

Remember; however fearful you are, you MUST look at these images - as a warning of the nightmare terror that awaits those who seek answers that man must never have.

Amazing Fantasy #7

I don't know what it is but it respects my intelligence, and that's all I ask of any monster.
Amazing Adult Fantasy #8, The Krills

The Krills! I love the Krills! They're my favourite lo-fi indie duo!

What's that you're shouting at me?

"That's the Kills, you buffoon!"

Oh. I thought Alison Mosshart was looking a bit peeky on the cover.
Amazing Adult Fantasy #9, Tim Boo Ba

You have to hand it to him, there's not many monsters could get away with being called, "Tim."
Amazing Adult Fantasy #10. Those who change

I don't know who he is but it seems he's one who's changed.

Didn't I once see him in Quatermass and the Pit?
Amazing Adventures  #1, Torr

Hooray! It's Torr!

I've loved Torr ever since I read this story reprinted in Strange Tales #175.
Amazing Adventures  #2, Manoo


This is definitely my favourite of today's monsters.
Amazing Adventures  #4, X

Nothing can stop a monster with a girder! Nothing!
Amazing Adventures  #5, Monsteroso

You have to love any monster that decides to knock over the United Nations building.
Amazing Adventures  #6, Sserpo

I can't help myself. I can't see that cover without thinking of Serpico.

If only Serpico had been about a giant monster out to crush the world, it would've been a much better film - and Al Pacino's greatest ever role.

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Kid said...

I'm lucky enough to have #7, which is the first issue it was called Amazing Adult Fantasy after being known as Amazing Adventures. I've also got the Omnibus edition of all 15 issues and it's absolutely brilliant.