Sunday, 2 June 2013

Fifty years ago today - June 1963.

Matt Smith may have devastated the world by announcing his departure from Dr Who, and Karen Gillan may have thrown us into chaos and confusion with her Guardians of the Galaxy announcement but one thing can always be relied upon - that I'll carry on rambling away about comics that were published decades ago.

And here's where we discover what our favourite Marvel heroes were up to back when even Dr Who was barely more than a twinkle in our eyes, and our eyes themselves were barely more than twinkles in the fundament of the universe.

Fantastic Four #15, The Mad Thinker and his awesome android

The Mad Thinker makes his debut - as does his Awesome Android,.

I must admit though that I've always been most taken with the passer-by who decides to indulge in helpful exposition for no noticeable reason whatsoever.

But what exactly is, "Their own game"?
Journey into Mystery # 93, Thor and the Radio-active Man

He might wear a nappy like Sting in Dune but that doesn't mean you can't take the Radio-Active Man seriously as he demonstrates his ability to make Thor look camp, silly and effete.

I wonder if Exposition-Man on this cover is the same bloke as the one on the FF cover? He's wearing the same hat.

Maybe he's paid by the council to roam New York explaining what's going on to passers-by whenever super-doers show up.
Strange Tales #109, Human Torch and Pandora's Box

No signs of Exposition-Man here as the Torch finds himself up against the devilish imps of Pandora's Box.

I do like to bore people by pointing out that Pandora actually had a jar, not a box. Maybe I should be on that cover, declaring, "The Torch is being threatened by imps from Pandora's Box but she actually had a jar, not a box!" If New York City Council are reading, I have a hat and I'm open to offers.
Tales of Suspense #42, Iron Man and the Red Barbarian

Iron Man's taking it to the commies.
Tales to Astonish #44, Ant-Man and the Wasp

The Wondrous Wasp makes her debut, thanks to Henry Pym being obsessed by her non-existent resemblance to his dead wife. The signs were there right from the start, weren't they?


Kid said...

Why's it always been called 'Pandora's Box' then, instead of 'Pandora's Jar'?

Michael Perridge said...

Iron Man really looks like he's blundering!

Steve W. said...

Kid, apparently, the original Greek word "pithos" (meaning jar) got mistranslated into Latin as "pyxis" (meaning box). Hence the confusion.

Steve W. said...

Michael, I fear the Red Barbarian may have fatally misunderestimated his foe.

Kid said...

But she kept her jar in a box, so essentially it's the same thing. Hee hee.

Comicsfan said...

Exposition Man's statement about "their own game" may be a loose reference to the FF's own weapons being used against them. It doesn't make very much sense--but neither does the Thinker's android wearing shorts (or Dragon Man, for that matter). :)

libraryguy said...

All Kirby covers. I so loved that time, going to the drug stores and seeing these covers on the spinner rack.

Anonymous said...

It is a reference to the Crying Game. They later learn that Sue was keeping one particular body part invisible at all times :(

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