Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Forty years ago today - June 1973.

It's certainly exciting times for all flag-wavers, with it being the 60th anniversary of the Queen first getting herself crowned.

But Steve Does Comics cares little for that. It's more concerned with what the kings and queens of Marvel Comics were up to forty years ago.

Avengers #112, the Lion-God lives

Hooray! The Lion-God shows up.

Forget the likes of Thor. If I was going to be a god, the Lion-God would be the one.

Then again, judging by the way Mantis defeats him in a later story, he does seem particularly dim.
Conan the Barbarian #27, Bel-Hissar

I've never read this story and therefore don't have a clue what happens. I'm going to guess there might be a sorcerer, some treasure and some magic. There's probably a wench in need of rescuing. The word, "Crom!" may be uttered at some point and Conan may be out to steal something.
Captain America and the Falcon #162, Cap Goes Mad

What would a Marvel hero be without regularly doubting his sanity?
Daredevil #100

DD hits the big ton.
Fantastic Four #135, Dragon Man

Looking at the cover, I don't have a clue what's going on in this one.

Still, it's got Medusa and it's got the Dragon Man, so it clearly has something going for it.
Incredible Hulk #164, Captain Omen

Hooray! It's Captain Omen and his undersea kingdom!

How well I recall this tale from The Mighty World of Marvel Annual 1975 - and its splatterific ending.
Iron Man #59, Fire-Brand

Iron Man finds himself in a grave situation.
Amazing Spider-Man #121, the death of Gwen Stacy

Who can it be?

Who can it be who's going to die?

My money's on Randy Robertson.
Thor #212, Sssthgar

It did always seem unlikely, when I first read this tale as a kid, that the whole of Asgard, including Odin, could be captured by a bunch of ants with ray guns.

For that matter, ants with ray guns never really felt like they belonged in the same universe as Asgard.
X-Men #82, Tyrannus

Hooray! My favourite subterranean's back.

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Dougie said...

On reading the Conan story in the Avengers weekly, I was disappointed to find they were never actually trapped inside a giant jewel. There is a mute warrior called Turgohl however-which is an anagram of Turlogh, the hero of the REH original, I believe.

The FF are fighting rich, bald Lee/Kirby villain Gideon. A bit of an off-day for Stan and Jack, that one.

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