Sunday, 15 September 2013

The most forgettable comics I have ever owned. Part 7: Secrets of Haunted House #1.

DC Comics, Secrets of Haunted House #1
It's time once more for me to delve into the Amnesian Fields of History as I struggle to recall yet another comic I'd totally forgotten I'd ever had until the internet reminded me.

And it's another one there's no excuse for me forgetting.

After all, not only is it issue #1 of a brand new horror title from DC but it features a rather spiffing cover by Luis Dominguez, incorporating the obligatory cowering children he and Nick Cardy so delighted in giving us on the front of so many horror mags.

What was in this issue?

Straining my magnificent brain, I have the notion that one of the tales within featured someone finding a small sea monster, whilst out fishing. What happened after that, I couldn't even claim to be able to elucidate upon.

Upon rediscovering this cover, I assumed Secrets of Haunted House must've been a short-lived title and a case of inflicting one horror mag too many on a saturated market but, according to the Grand Comics Database, it lasted seven years, which was a pretty good innings for a DC title launched in the mid-1970s.

So, all I can do in response to such an error is apologise to both the comic and to the fishy gentleman on its cover and hope that neither of them come looking for me.

After all, unlike the cowering children of the world, I have no rowing boat to hide beneath.

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Anonymous said...

Strangely I have a vivid recollection of that cover and buying the book but no memory of the stories either - that was until I picked it up again a few years ago for 50p, as I recall it wasn't that great a book although the cover story called "Fish Story" (no seriously it was this creative) had art by Alex Nino, it also had a page by Aragones -McScotty

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