Friday, 27 September 2013

The most forgettable comics I have ever owned, Part 8: Werewolf By Night #31 .

Werewolf by Night #31
It's a strange thing that I've always thought I wasn't interested in Superman when I was a child but, in retrospect, I must've been because I had great piles of his comics.

In fact I probably had more Superman comics than those of any other hero.

Likewise I don't remember being any great fan of Werewolf by Night - seeing Jack Russell's furry alter-ego as little more than a watered-down Hulk. I was also unimpressed by his lack of actual powers. It seemed to me like he was no more use in a punch-up than anyone else was. My God, he didn't even have purple trousers to keep us entertained with.

But a quick look at the Grand Comics Database reminds me that I must have loved him because I had a whole bucketload of his issues.

This may make some sense. After all, who of us hasn't at some point wished we could transform into a wolf-monster and go on a nocturnal rampage? I know I have - and surely I can't be alone in that?

As for the comics, mostly my razor-sharp intellect recalls them. But, one I'd totally forgotten ever owning was issue #31. Bearing in mind its rather dramatic Gil Kane cover, this slippage of memory seems rather remiss of me.

Sadly, seeing the cover does nothing to stir memories of what happens within. I gather from the cover that it all gets dramatic and that children are involved. I assume there's snow. I assume the full moon rises. I assume Jack Russell turns into a werewolf. But beyond that? Who can know?

Well, probably someone who can remember it can know.

But that's not me and so I remain as blissfully ignorant as Jack Russell always did upon awakening after his latest escapade.


Super-Duper ToyBox said...

got the Marvel Essential Werewolf by Night Vol.2 recently, and have kinda enjoyed it- probably not as much as I would have as a kid (who dressed as the Wolfman on more than one Halloween), but it stirs some of those memories

Anonymous said...

The problem with Marvel's "horror" characters was that they came across more like troubled anti-heroes or even pseudo superheroes(Ghost Rider) than anything malevolent. Werewolves and vampires should be terrifying creatures like the werewolves in "Dog Soldiers" or the vampire Mr. Barlow in "Salem's Lot", that's how they were in European folklore. We know that little girl on the cover is in no danger from Wolfie but a real werewolf would kill and eat her without mercy!

Ade Salmon said...

It's a great issue ! That said due to my dicky memory I can't exactly recall the story -lol. But I know it's a good 'un!

Juanan Cruz said...

the werewolf almost kill his best friend, Buck Cowan. It was a great issue, I assure you.

Y dicho en español, pedazo de tebeo escrito por Doug Moench al que ni siquiera los dibujos de Don Perlin pueden enturbiar la belleza de un guion perfecto.
para gustos están los colores :)

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