Saturday 22 March 2014

Creatures on the Loose #17 - Gullivar Jones on Mars, Part 2.

Creatures on the Loose #17, Gullivar Jones, Mars
Last week, we saw how newly-discharged Earth soldier Gullivar Jones came to be on Mars, doing the John Carter thing.

This week, it's time to see what progress he makes now he's got there.

And it has to be said, he doesn't make a lot.

Having been dumped, unconscious, on a funeral barge as it makes its way down a Martian river, Gullivar recovers just in time to fight some giant caterpillars and then get captured by some spider-bat-men who then proceed to offer him and a captive pterodactyl man up as a snack for their giant god Phra.

According to Wikipedia, the reason Gullivar Jones never caught on like John Carter did was because, in the original book, he was a bit of a failure, losing fights, left, right and centre while getting pushed around by events rather then pushing them around.

Creatures on the Loose #17, Gullivar Jones

And you can certainly see signs of it here. He starts off unconscious, then gets bitten by a giant caterpillar then loses consciousness then loses a fight with the spider-bat-men and then finishes off by being offered up as a takeaway. He might have super-strength while he's on Mars and have combat training but he does come across as a man in severe need of a good rescuing.

Creatures on the Loose #17, Gullivar Jones

On the plus side, it's all non-stop drama and, as before, Gil Kane's art is excellent, making the strip memorable and worth reading for that alone. We also get a suitably cliff-hanging ending with what looks like the sort of monster Marvel loved to throw at us at every opportunity in the late 1950s and early 1960s. So, at least it seems we have reason to look forward to next issue.

Creatures on the Loose #17, Gullivar Jones, Phra


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Steve, thanks for that information about Doctor Who on Kid Robson's blog - I've wondered about that scene for decades and whether it really happened so it is possible to remember something from when you're only three!

Steve W. said...

You're welcome, Colin.

My first memory of Dr Who is watching "Power of the Daleks" when I was two and a half. It's amazing how these things lodge in the memory.