Monday, 3 March 2014

Forty years ago today - March 1974.

At the weekend, the whole of Britain bathed in the eerie glow of the Northern Lights as they moseyed their way southwards for a sight-see of our lands.

When I say, "Everyone," I of course mean everyone else - as I saw no sign of anything that even resembled an Aurora.

But were our favourite Marvel heroes of forty years ago feeling suitably illuminated by their feats?

Or were they facing dark days indeed?

Avengers #121, Zodiac

That horny bounder Taurus captures the Avengers in the least likely trap of all time; a shed with space travel capabilities.

For some reason, nowhere on the cover does it feature the words, "Shed of doom!"

It would have if I'd been in charge of Marvel.
Conan the Barbarian #36

You do wonder if Conan ever gets fed up of meeting danger wherever he goes.
Captain America and the Falcon #171, Black Panther

My encyclopedic knowledge of all things comics tells me this may be the issue where the Falcon decides to get himself a set of wings so he won't feel second-rate compared to the now super-strong Cap.
Daredevil and the Black Widow #108, The Beetle

The Beetle's clearly back but, other than that, I can say little of the issue's contents.
Fantastic Four #144, Dr Doom, The Seeker

Dr Doom's up to no good again.

Am I right in thinking the Seeker had in some way been given some of the Silver Surfer's power?
Incredible Hulk #173, Cobalt Man

The Cobalt Man makes his return and goes completely mad.

Marvel's Cobalt Man of course had nothing on the Cobalt Man created by regular Steve Does Comics visitor Cerebus660 in Marvel UK's legendary Marvel Artist Competition.
Amazing Spider-Man #130, Hammerhead

The world's most block-headed villain makes his debut.

And it could spell curtains for the Spider-Mobile before it's even got started.
Thor #221, Hercules

I don't think I've ever read this one but my razor-sharp senses tell me that Hercules may be back.


Unknown said...

Another batch of comics from my "teen-hood" and a mixed batch - Captain America & the Falcon No; 171 was the first full story where the Falcon had his wings (but they were introduced in issue 170).

I vividly recall the Thor issue as the cover promised a great fanboy story, sadly it was a pretty lame story based on Pluto or Aires deceiving Hercules & Thor into a fight

Daredevil 108 was a love triangle strip with Black Widow and Moondragon swooning over DD, like there was a choice to make there!! no doubt Foggy Nelson got shot or had a life threatening disease as well.

Comicsfan said...

Steve, here's a handy play-by-play of that Thor issue if you're interested.

Steve W. said...

Thanks, Comicsfan. I am particularly impressed by the sound effects, "Spangg!" and, "Cradoom!" I'm not totally convinced by, "Bunt!"

B Smith said...

I seem to recall that issue of Daredevil also introduced the sister of Foggy Nelson that no-one ever knew existed up till now.

And if memory serves, the Seeker drew no power from the Silver Surfer - the geek in me would suggest you're thinking of the Doomsman II, which appeared in FF #157 (I do have a life, really I do).

Unknown said...

Yeah I think from memory the Seeker was an android created by Dr Doom and had no connection (that I am aware of ) to the Silver Surfer

Dougie said...

DD was the only one I owned in this batch. Got it in Hamilton (where my dad bought racing pigeon feed from a company called Smellie. Yes, it's still funny, 40 years on.)
It was the first time I discovered Moondragon and she made me feel a bit funny, with her baldness and levitation.

roifield said...

Holy cow!!! I had the Spiderman issue. There is a family photo of me in Jamaica holding it when I was 5 and yes I went to Jamaica in 1974 April! I was so excited to have it, I couldn't believe it at the time that you could get Marvel comics over there!