Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Forty years ago today - July 1975.

There are times in this life when no introduction is necessary.

Sadly, this isn't one of them.

That's somewhat unfortunate, as I can't actually think of an introduction.

Therefore, in the style of that woman in The Valley of Gwangi who made a living out of diving into a tub of water, on horseback, I'll simply plunge in at the deep end and look at what our favourite Marvel heroes were up to in July of exactly forty years ago.

Avengers #137, the Beast

I seem to remember this is that tale where the Avengers keep leaping into exploding floating balls for no good reason at all, until the Beast rescues them by coming up with the radical plan of not leaping into exploding floating balls.

No wonder he was seen as being the intellectual of the X-Men.

Conan the Barbarian #52

This was the first colour Conan comic I ever owned, bought in an indoor market in Blackpool.

I seem to recall it features a giant golden scorpion which - inevitably - comes to life and has to be stopped by Conan.

Captain America #187, the Demon-Druid

I don't have a clue if this Demon-Druid is related to the Demon Druid who once fought Thor, nor why he's wearing an outfit that doesn't in any way, shape or form suggest the word, "Druid," to me.

Daredevil #123

I've read this one but am struggling to recall anything about it.

I do like El Jaguar's mittens though.

Fantastic Four #160, Arkon

I've never read this one but am familiar with Arkon and have long been of the opinion that he needs a good slap.

Incredible Hulk #189, the Mole Man

It's the first ever Hulk tale to be narrated in the first person, by the Hulk. Which, as the Hulk normally tends to refer to himself in the third person, is a strange concept indeed.

Iron Man #76, the Hulk

I'm not sure I've ever read this one - unless it turns out the Hulk is actually a robot working for the Mandarin. In which case, I have read it.

Amazing Spider-Man #146, the Scorpion

It's not just Conan who's having trouble with scorpions this month. So is Spider-Man.

Thor #237, Ulik

Another story that I'm not sure I'm familiar with.

I like to think Ulik wins this time. I've always liked Ulik and am always disappointed when he loses.


Colin Jones said...

That Fantastic Four cover looked rather familiar and a bit of googling reveals it was also the cover of Marvel UK's Complete FF No.27 in March 1978 - but the Thing's last word bubble is changed from "..and I'm gonna make Hank Aaron look like a little leaguer" to "..and it'll be clobberin' time" obviously because us British readers didn't have a clue who Hank Aaron was or what a little leaguer was.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that FF is when the mag went a bit DC, with alternate earths and whatnot. I just mention it, Steve, because its the start of the storyline with the outer-space ice-hockey goalie you were asking about in this feature recently.
Not sure exactly which issue off hand, but thought you might appreciate the heads up - keep asking about him in the next few Forty Years Ago posts and you'll be right at some point.


Anonymous said...

Different Demon Druid, this one was somewhat less entertaining. Still, I kinda liked his super-powered goon, the Alchemoid. His main power was being pug-ugly and emitting a burning, corrosive slime from his hide. Barely even a super-power, more like just being really unpleasant.
"The Assault of the Alchemoid!"

Paul McScotty -Muir said...

I have that Iron-Man comic and your right the story does indeed have a robot version of the Hulk sent by the Mandarin -it was actually a reprint of Iron-Man number 9 (cover is a reprint version as well but with added word balloons for the characters etc)

From scaning a recent issue of MWOM I think the DD tale here is where Silvermane is revealed as being the Supreme Hydra leader and explains how he came back into being when he took that age reversing serum that turned him into a baby then into nothingness in a previous issue of Spider-man

Steve W. said...

Colin, Sean, MP and Paul, thanks for all the info. I do feel this blog is a constant learning experience for me.

Dougie said...

Englehart is quoted as having said that, while the Beast listened to Stevie Wonder and read Carlos Castaneda, he also smoked a lotta dope and chilled out about his beastliness. You won't see that in an Avengers movie.

I liked that Conan story since it introduced Tara the acrobat, very briefly Conan's squire and one of my favourite Hyborian supporting cast. The other comics look poor, although my brother was smitten with Gaard, the space hockey player.

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