Tuesday 6 October 2015

Fifty years ago today - October 1965.

October 1965 was a great month if you were a tall thing. Not only did London's Post Office Tower open but St Louis' Gateway Arch topped-out and Wales' tallest structure the Moel-y-Parc transmitter was first activated.

But what of our favourite Marvel heroes of this month of fifty years ago?

Were they too standing tall?

Or were they brought low by life's vicissitudes?

Avengers #21, Power Man

Power Man makes his senses-shattering debut - and looks like he's doing a fair bit of Avengers shattering while he's at it.

Daredevil #10

I was going to say that Daredevil's all-red costume makes its debut this issue but it turns out he's been wearing it for several months now and I'd totally failed to notice.

In other news, I've always wanted to be one of the Ani-Men. I've never been sure which one. To be honest, any of them will do. Even the one who dresses up as a frog.

Fantastic Four #43

I do feel I should start more sentences with the word, "Lo!"

Journey into Mystery #121, Thor vs Absorbing Man

Hooray! the Absorbing Man's still causing trouble.

I do wish I had absorbing powers. If I had absorbing powers and was an Ani-Man, I do feel that nothing could stop me in life.

Amazing Spider-Man #29, the Scorpion is back

The Scorpion's back.

Strange Tales #137, SHIELD

No disrespect to SHIELD and its agents but I can't help feeling I'd be more inclined to buy this comic if Dr Strange was on the cover.

Tales of Suspense #70, Captain America

Captain America's still doing his World War Two thing.

I think this may have featured George Tuska's first Silver Age Marvel work but don't quote me on that, as I'm saying it from memory and don't really have a clue what I'm talking about.

Tales to Astonish #72, Sub-Mariner

Unless I miss my guess, Warlord Krang is up to no good.

You do wonder why Namor ever made him a warlord. All he ever seemed to do was try to start wars.


Anonymous said...

Lo, why is Powerman wearing puffy sleeves?
He looks like he's getting ready to do the Riverdance.

Anonymous said...

But lo, Steve, you always give the impression that nothing actually is stopping you in life. Or have I missed something?


Steve W. said...

Like the Juggernaut, nothing can stop me. I do however feel that I could do with being even more unstoppable. In my experience, a man can never be content until he is at least 203% unstoppable.