Sunday 6 December 2015

December 6th, 1975 - Marvel UK, 40 years ago this week.

Last night, I was watching Dr Who on BBC One. Forty years ago tonight, I was watching Dr Who on BBC One. Forty years from now, I suspect I'll be watching Dr Who on BBC One. It's starting to seem like some things in life never change.

But there is one thing that changes. Sometimes I post this feature before seven o'clock and sometimes I post it after seven o'clock.

Marvel UK, The Titans #7, Nick Fury and SHIELD

Nick Fury demonstrates his ability to shoot at things without looking at them.

I reckon that, on his next raid, he should wear an eye patch over both eyes just to prove how good he really is.

Marvel UK, Avengers #116, Arkon

The Avengers are up against Arkon, and Conan is up against the Devil-Bats of Nergal.

Wasn't there a Robert E Howard Conan story called The Hand of Nergal? Does that mean this issue's offering is an adaptation of that, or is it a totally unrelated tale?

Marvel UK, Dracula Lives #59

Dracula looking like he's about to hit the world's biggest chord on his piano - just before discovering that he's forgot to bring his piano.

Marvel UK, Planet of the Apes #59

We're still escaping from the Planet of  the Apes.

Spider-Man Comics Weekly #147, Gog

From the cover, I'm assuming this is the one where Gog fights a tyrannosaurus.

Sadly, because of the disappearance of this title from my local newsagents, I first encountered Gog in Ka-Zar's strip in The Planet of the Apes. I do have to say he felt a much more natural fit for Ka-Zar's strip than he did for Spider-Man's.

Mighty World of Marvel #166, Aquon vs the Hulk

Hooray! Aquon shows up. It's just a shame he didn't hang around longer.

Marvel UK The Super-Heroes #40, Spider-Man and the Cat

I'm highly impressed by the bad guys' use of boomerang bullets on that cover. The man on the left fires a bullet from well behind Spider-Man. It then flies in front of Spider-Man but then flies behind the Cat who appears to be no further forward than Spider-Man. Just were did he get those bullets?


Anonymous said...

"The mind-bending menace of AQUON, the murderous man-fish!"
Sorry, I...I just couldn't help myself. He is kinda cool!
I'm pretty sure that is the same Nergal story, even though I haven't seen the comic adaption. There were "bat-devils" in Robert E. Howard's original story too, as I recall.
A lot of "death from the skies," in Howard's tales.

Dougie said...

Yes, Nergal was a fragment or an outline by REH and expanded by Lin "Thongor" Carter, IIRC. The original colour comic was a great favourite of mine bought along with my only colour issues of ToD and WBN at Glasgow Airport in '73. As I've often said, that Dracula comic really freaked me out.

Anonymous said...

Steve, have you never heard of the magic bullets they have over there in America? I assume that bloke behind Spidey got his from the same place as Lee Harvey Oswald.


Anonymous said...

Also, has it occurred to you that bloke might not be behind Spiderman at all? Maybe its Ant Man in civvies or something?
Small or far away - a three dimensional universe can be tricky.


Anonymous said...

I imagine Spider-man thinking, "Not only did that guy violate the basic artistic rules of perspective and the laws of general physics, but he damn near blew my marbles off."