Thursday, 3 December 2015

Fifty years ago today - December 1965.

December 1965 was a vital month in the history of popular music, as it saw the release of the Beatles' Rubber Soul LP. Apparently, the American version had different songs on it from the British version, which seems a little strange.

Needless to say, I was heedless of such controversy, as I was too busy reading that month's supply of Marvel Comics, even though I wasn't even born yet. That's how devoted to Marvel I was.

But what were our favourite Marvel heroes doing in that fateful month? Were they telling their foes to, "Run for your life," or were they simply nowhere, man?

Avengers #23, Kang

I don't have a clue what happens in this issue but I do know that when you find a giant Kang looming over you, it's rarely a good sign.

Daredevil #11

The poor old Ani-Men. Even when they tried ganging up on Daredevil, they couldn't beat him.

And then they went on to try and take on the New X-Men. Taking on the X-Men after you've failed to beat Daredevil, that has to be the living definition of optimism.

Regardless of their limitations, that is a rather beautifully-drawn cover by Bob Powell and Wally Wood.

Fantastic Four #45, Inhumans

The Inhumans are still making their debut in probably my favourite ever FF storyline.

Journey Into Mystery #123, Thor

It's still the Absorbing Man vs Odin in a tale that is indeed absorbing.

I'm not altogether sure what Thor's doing on that cover, or indeed why. Maybe he just likes drawing attention to himself.

It's nice to see the Demon making a cover appearance. I did feel he was a somewhat under-utilised villain.

Amazing Spider-Man #31

I think this may be the first appearance of the scenes-interspersed-with-spider-legs motif that always impressed me whenever it was used.

Strange Tales #139, Dr Strange and Nick Fury

What a very strange cover.

And what a very strange pair of thought bubbles.

Tales of Suspense #72, Captain America

Cap having trouble with what I think is the first of the Sleepers.

You have to say that the Red Skull had so many unstoppable Sleepers that you can't understand why he didn't activate them all during the War. His side probably wouldn't have lost the thing if he had.

Tales to Astonish #74, the Sub-Mariner

Warlord Krang making friends there.

Did Warlord Krang ever actually have an army? Is it possible to be a warlord if you don't have an army?

X-Men #15

The Sentinels are clearly up to no good.

I'm not too sure what Professor X is up to. Maybe, like Thor, he just has to be the centre of attention.


bliss_infinte said...

Also my favorite FF run. Great transitional period with Joe Sinnot coming on board as Kirby's inker and the stories really beginning to spread their wings. Stan becomes more wordier as this storyline develops.

BTW, that is one of my favorite Avengers covers penciled by Kirby and inked by John Romita - favorite with the team of four which I'll always have a soft spot for.

Colin Jones said...

Steve, didn't you say somewhere that you were two and a half years old when Patrick Troughton became the Doctor in November 1966 ? I'm just confused now - even more than usual I mean :D

Steve W. said...

Thinking about it, 1965 was after I was born, not before it. Maths has never been my strong point.

Anonymous said...

Professor X has exactly the same expression I had when I first learned that Donald Trump is leading in the polls.

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