Saturday, 5 November 2016

Wonder Woman. Latest trailer. Possible spoilers.

Hooray! The entire world's talking about the release of Benelux Crumblethumblethatch's Dr Strange movie!

That can only mean one thing!

That I'm sat here looking at the latest Wonder Woman trailer!

No wonder they call me, "The man the Zeitgeist bypassed."

Still, I have to say it all looks rather super. I do approve of the World War One setting, which lends her a certain timeless quality, and it all looks to have an appealing visual style - although I hope there'll be more to it than just, "Wonder Woman fights World War One," as that would be a little lacking in doings of a superhuman nature for my liking.

I like that Wonder Woman has a non-American accent. I like that the film appears to mix drama with humour, with a bit of real-world social history thrown in.

So, so far, I declare that it looks promising and like it might be a good deal more entertaining than some recent DC offerings have been.

I must confess, though, that I did get a bit over-excited when I saw those white cliffs and thought it meant the Amazons live in Dover.

Tragically, subsequent shots in the trailer would suggest they don't.

I have now cancelled my holiday in Dover.


TC said...

I would rather watch a trailer with Gal Gadot than one with Benedict Whatsisbatch anyway.

I don't really expect the Wonder Woman movie to be any good, but I will have to go see it, regardless, because Gal Gadot.

The things we do for love.

Rip Jagger said...

I'm one who actually enjoys the DC movies (liked Superman V Batman...full stop) and look forward to this. WWI does seem a good setting for her, and seeing her do the bullets and bracelets thing in trench warfare will be peachy.

Rip Off

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