Friday, 9 December 2016

First Official, "Spider-Man: Homecoming," trailer!

Hooray! Marvel have released the first official trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming. And, with skills to match any super-villain, I have, by some means, managed to steal a copy and smuggle it onto this site.

Well, OK, I admit it, I found it because Edo Bosnar pointed it out on the Back In The Bronze Age blog and I simply followed his link. Thank you, Edo.

My first thoughts are that it all looks fun and lively and it's good to see Spider-Man integrated into the Marvel Universe for the first time in cinema history.

Not only that but Aunt May manages to get through the trailer without having a heart attack. I am, though, somewhat disappointed by the shortage of Marisa Tomei in it. I hope this isn't reflective of a lack of screen time for Peter's glamorous granny in the actual film.

Spider-Man looks and sounds like he should. I especially like the underarm webbing when he, "flies." That takes me back to my early comics-reading days.

Is that person with the wings the Vulture? If so, I'm not convinced about the design for him, though I accept it must be difficult to get the Vulture right on screen. Just showing him as an weedy, old, bald bloke might, admittedly, provoke more amusement than awe amongst a theatre audience.

Liz Allen looks rather fetching (I'm assuming she is Liz Allen and just not some random girl who just happens to be called Liz).

I do worry there's a lack of angst in the trailer and that the tone might be a little too knowing and too flippant. After all, where would Peter Parker be without monumental levels of self-pity?

Most of all, I love that it uses Time to Pretend by MGMT all the way through, because I've always been a sucker for it.

Those are my thoughts. You might have others. If so, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.


William Preston said...

Maybe the Powers (with great responsibility) decided we'd seen angsty Peter enough times, especially given how often such a tone has informed other Marvel movies. We know from his intro in Civil War that he's been doing this for a while, so some of the learning curve can be dispensed with, at least. We see him watching Liz from afar, so he's certainly no smooth operator, and he and his best bud do seem, if not nerds exactly, at least geeks, wholly into whatever they're into.

I like that they've decided to stick him in high school, but it actually makes me less interested in the movie. We've waited too long for Spider-Man to fully arrive. Every reset has also reset the clock while the rest of the Marvel U. has been moving forward.

Steve W. said...

Hi, William. I personally don't mind them re-setting the clock this time because we're not going to get another origin tale. As long as we don't get another Spider-Man origin tale, I'm happy.

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